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FIA WEC 2015


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I think seeing them in the WEC was what I was hoping for the most.... Do you think they'll get some support from CR?

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It's a shame that Larbre didn't cherry pick teh C6r drivers from Int'l GT Open instead of teh Ferrari doods, but maybe they are better in teh Velocity Yeller Missile than teh Eye-talian ride...

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I told you something was up.... :banannadance:

Yes you did! :party I'm glad this worked out so Corvette gets 2 classes to compete in at Le Mans again! More on teh Larbre deal from Racer: http://www.racer.com/wec-le-mans/item/113193-first-customer-corvette-c7-r-sold

Dawg, teh Nissan was just teh appetizer...Marshall Pruett posted a shot yesterday that he says is teh double secret probation Ferrari LMP1:


Ferrari v. Porsche v. Audi v. Toyota v. Nissan should be VERY interesting for P1 supremacy!

Now, Ferrari also unveiled the new 488, which will be teh next track weapon in GT:



Marc, I personally have no knowledge of teh drivers Larbre uses, but I would imagine your boy Simon Pagenaud would be a perfect fit for a Le Mans effort!

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If nothing else, at least we'll be able to tell 'em apart from CR when we all run at LeMans, and teh focus is on teh LMP1 cars...

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Good point! :lol

One Aston team is already talking shit to Corvette Motorsports on twitter, just like teh GT1 days.

Good times.

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I actually hit reload thinking the full picture didn't load the first time. :lol

So Larbre is in a C7 now .... Shake and Bake Baby !!!

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