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When: April 6th, 2019
Hello everyone,
I don't know if you are familiar but there is a fun, safe, friendly way to race the Corvette around the track called "AutoCross" and I would love to see some of the ACE lunch groups out there! (to drive or to watch a bit)
Come along with me and try it out!
The event details are here:
Register to Drive in the Event here:
AZ Solo Spring 2019 Event 4
EVENT: Saturday, April 6 at Arizona Motorsports Park
Registration opens Sat, Mar 23, 10:00am
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Yep, March 30,  sometime after 11am. 
We are not cooking because of undue stress and
the need to avoid flying skillets in our kitchen. 
bring your own picnic, this way ACE still gets to meet up and cruise together. 
I’ll get a fire going for anyone that wants to grill, but be warned the grate on the fire pit has large openings. Probably not suitable for soft or small food. Bring your own grating if you want to cook a hamburger patty or small goodies. 
The ACE donation jar will be there to cover the cost of
the software and server space for ACE. 
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EDIT - This is happening on Sunday, February 17th at 10:00 am.  Post up if you're in!
I received this email from Heather at Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee yesterday so I'm posting to see if anyone would like to meet there again. She has suggested February 16th as 1 date she gave me. I need to know if that date would work for anyone? It's a Saturday, or would a Sunday work better? Let me know and I'll get back with her on what we decide. I have a car show on February 16th already so I wouldn't be able to attend that day.
Hi Mark,
I wanted to reach out to you and see if your car club had any interest in coming back out to our facility sometime before it gets too hot again. We had such a great time, that I’d love to have you come back – if you are interested.
Please let me know.
Thanks again!
Heather Miller
Program Director
Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee
13822 South 46th Place
Phoenix, Arizona  85044
Phone: 480-598-1224
Fax: 480-598-9407
Email: activities@hawthorncourtseniorliving.com
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The vendor for ACE T-shirts is:
Limitless Graphix
1831 W. Rose Garden - Suite #3
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 476-2007
T-shirts start at $18 – this is for a size S-XL, single logo on a basic Gildan 5.3oz 100% cotton T-shirt.  (If this is the type of shirt you want, the Brand/Style is “Gildan/ 5000”). 
Larger sizes and multiple logos cost a bit more.
If you want something other than the “standard T-shirt” (for example, women’s V-neck or a hoodie) this vendor offers shirts in a wide variety of styles and colors to which they can apply the ACE logo (prices vary depending upon what you want).
To see available styles and colors, go here:
NOTE: this is the supplier of shirts to our vendor, NOT the vendor you order from!!!
You have your choice of two official ACE logos:
TO ORDER:  provide the vendor (Limitless Graphix) with your desired style number and brand (e.g. “5000 Gildan”), size, color, logo type and logo placement (back, front pocket, or both). 
Contact the vendor directly to order.  Pay the vendor directly.  Limitless Graphix accepts credit cards.
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ACE Historical Society Presents: Events back then...
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