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  1. Yesterday
  2. Eddie44

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

  3. aAZZ

    WTB: 6L80E

    Looking to purchase a stock 6L80E for a c6 vette. preferrably 09+.
  4. HarleyPat

    2020 Prescott All Corvette Show...CANCELLED 🤬

    Very sad news! This was a highlight show for all of us and a shame they felt the need to cancel it. Until we meet again!😢
  5. Last week
  6. Randy Stone

    Escape the Heat Cruise - Saturday August 8th

    Count Trish and I in.
  7. I purchased it in 1976 from the original owner with ~11K miles on odometer. (He had many vehicles, including 4 Vettes at the time. This was not their DD.) It was the first car I purchased. Many hours of working part time in HS and college saving up for it. Prices were a little different back then, but still not "cheap". It was my DD for several years, but I lived close to school and work, so not many miles put on it even as a DD. I purchased a DD when I graduated and started my full time job. The heat did the most damage, even with it parked in a garage., primarily the rubber components. (see pics above 🙄 ) Continuing to work on it replacing bushings, rebuilding things such as calipers, PS control valve/cylinder, etc. as the dominoes rear their ugly heads. 😋 It is pretty hot at this point, even in the workshop, as the evening temps are not dropping and cooling things down some. So I am not spending much time working on it until it cools off probably mid-September timeframe. (Getting old sucks!) Meanwhile, ordering parts/rebuild kits as I discover the need for them. I try to consolidate orders to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. This adds lots of extra time in getting parts, but reduces costs enough to make it worthwhile.
  8. Chameleon

    C5 Z06 or base model C6?

    . . . if by "cruiser" you are thinking of road trips, for the long haul on the highway, a C6 is simply sublime - and if twisties come up, an absolute blast. Just my two cents. . .
  9. Azmotorhead

    garage car hoist

    Andrew looks like you still have time to pick it up. Go get it. I already have a 2 and 4 post, I would just be storing it till my remodel is done.(sometime next year)
  10. MidNiteFury01

    C6Z Purchase

    I take it I’m looking for oil saturation on the pleats? I doubt that they would let me cut the filter. Would simply removing and inspecting be valuable? Any other check if the suggested cutting cannot be performed?
  11. Earlier
  12. P51tj

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    Wow don't see that everyday...FRC
  13. Motownsax

    RANGE AFM Disabler C7

    Sold my 2014 Vette. The Disabler is only 2 months old. Does not drain your battery. New $189.00. $100.00 OBO. I am in the East Valley(Chandler). SOLD
  14. Final Effort

    C6 Z06 A/C and air damn plastic repair

    I’d take up the offer from AZmotorhead. He’s top notch and very honest. His day job is airplane maintenance so he has to be good.
  15. Hello forum. New to this forum but not new to cars or the forum theme, happy to be here. Just bought my first vette (2011 base) and am starting the upgrades / projects. I was wondering if someone in the Tucson area was a local wrench and could help me do a brake swap... rotors, pads, calipers, fluid and s/s feeder lines with speed bleeders. I could do this myself but in my current living situation, I do not have all my tools nor a garage to do it. I will provide cash, food, libation(s) and or any combination of the three. I would prefer to do this on a Thursday or Friday if possible (retirees???) since those are my days off. Let me know if you're up for a little wrenching and conversation. I understand and respect the social distancing thing so whatever we need to do will be done. Get back to me if you're interested, have a safe and healthy 4th of July. Cheers. Dean C Tucson, AZ
  16. mrhusker

    Joe and Classic Gold Did Me A Solid

    I like that place to. Always have treated me well and their prices are pretty reasonable.
  17. mrhusker

    Happy Corvette Day to all you Aceholes!!!

    HAPPY CORVETTE DAY!!! I couldn't wait until Friday to drive it so I drove it to work last night. While I was at it I stopped by Classic Gold on my way home since they aren't open Friday and had the AC checked out. Seems I'll be looking for a small leak over the weekend and then have them fix it next week sometime. Hope it's an easy one.
  18. Blk n Blu

    C 3 parts

    I have several parts left over that I need to get out of the garage. All off a '72. 1 wiper actuator 2 headlight actuators 1 wiper relay actuator 2 headlight relay actuator RH headlight bracket Steel vacuum line for the firewall Wiper door solenoid Radio heat sink A/C condenser Price .02 just looking for a good home for them.
  19. Bright red Chevy Corvette Indy Pace Car Convertible with matching red interior and red leather sports seats. Limited edition with V8 engine and 5.7 liter tuned-port fuel-injection. AC, all power everything (windows, locks, seats, steering, brakes, mirrors), retractable headlights, AM/FM radio, tilt wheel and cruise control. Manual convertible top for cruising! Clean records, can provide free Carfax report. All original everything! Vehicle does need a tune up and very minor maintenance, comes as is. $7,500 OBO. No trades. Vehicle is located in Phoenix, AZ. Photos in Craiglist ad: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/d/phoenix-1986-chevy-corvette-indy-pace/7151134166.html
  20. SixAddict

    Tucson area members. Need help

    Good to hear.
  21. az57chevy

    Metrocenter’s Last Cruise

    Saturday was a little slow but took off after 7 PM. Lots of cars driving the routes many with their generic cars and SUV's Not sure of Tuesday will be much different
  22. mrhusker

    Happy Birthday Parade!

    Really sorry I missed this. Thanks for the pictures.
  23. I just replaced the tires on my 2017 Grand Sport and I have 2 Michelin Super Sport ZP 335/25/20 available. I ran them about 8000 miles so there is some good life left in them. 1 has been patched. Come take a look and make me an offer
  24. Dvtpilot

    C4 VSS

    Will do! Thanks!
  25. P51tj


    New fave here... Willet Pot Still Reserve.
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