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  2. theChad

    Here’s how bored we were today

    Sponsored by...
  3. theChad

    Black wing cold air intake SLP

    I personal messages you... and removed your address from the thread. These aren’t as private as you might think.
  4. Supposed to be 3400 but we don’t know yet.
  5. Yesterday
  6. One set of OEM Wheels from a 2011 Base C6. 42,892 miles on the wheels and three tires. One of the rears was replaced by the previous owner at 38,369. Tires are Hancook Ventrus V12 evo2's; 245/40ZR18 & 285/35ZR19. These wheels are not perfect but would make great spares or track wheels if you so choose. Please see photos. Tread depth in one tire to show the most worn out of the four. Located in Tucson, Arizona pick up only - $500.00
  7. aenigma


  8. theChad


    Fellow Chad, checkin in... Livin’ the dream!!
  9. Blk n Blu

    C 3 parts

    Gone, thanks to Lurch. Admins can close.
  10. Last week
  11. ChicagoKen

    Run to the River - Saturday November 7th

    Sounds great. Need to check and rearrange a few things, but would love to go.

    C5 Z06 or base model C6?

  13. Desertdawg

    Hollywood or Holly would

    You really had to work hard at keeping that one PG didn’t you...
  14. chadmac99c5

    Purchase of out of state vehicle

    purchased my grandsport from georgia, they handled everything. purchased a '99 from kanas, they handled everything. and purchased 2 different ones from Certified Benz and Beemer in scottsdale , they also handled. BUT........ when I purchased my pickup from Peoria Ford, they made a mess of things BAD!!
  15. aenigma

    Drag Racing Fast List

    Here’s my best so far as of last week. I was trying for 11s, I was sure that run would happen until the alternator died in the staging lanes. Hopefully I’ll be posting my 11s the weekend after next. The new torque converter may be in by then. The launch is boring. The DA was 4000 since that seems to be an argument on this thread. 😂 owned by me. 77 vette 383, hyd roller, 200-4R tranny wild horse pass 9/12/20 114.69 12.065
  16. aenigma

    Socially Distanced Car Show 9-12-2020

    that was a fun video. ACE represented! 😃 Ben is a great car show host for sure. He made everyone feel involved. And warm and fuzzy.
  17. dwdrummer

    No vettes at 24 of Le Mans?

    Porsche out as well. Gonna be a ford, a Ferrari, a BMW, and some dude on a motorcycle. Ha
  18. Earlier
  19. SixAddict

    C5 Battery - Doesn't Have To Be Purple! 😞

    I’ve had great luck with the Red top Optima also. The one in the Vette is from 2015 top posts (Johnson Control’s) and I just replaced it, don’t know if it was bad but i started getting the electric gremlins the C6 does when it has a low battery issue. I went with another Red Top. I guess like everything else it’s hit or miss on quality.
  20. Shakti Vette


    He also did these wheels for us on our GS we used to own.
  21. Shakti Vette

    Happy Birthday y2krtaf (Gary)

    Looks Great>>>>>>>>>!
  22. Shakti Vette

    Upcoming events calendar

    That is some funny SHEEET..........>!
  23. James

    2020 Prescott All Corvette Show...CANCELLED 🤬

    While disappointing to missing the 2020 show, Safety comes first for all our Vette Set friends that normally attend. Management seems to be doing a great job keeping all of us informed. Frankly, offering options on the refund policy seems reasonable.... Pick your option, and move on... The donation option seems great to me.... Looking forward to next year. Best, J
  24. CrimsonNCream

    MGW Shifter for a C7

    Has anyone out there bought and installed a MGW short throw shifter in a C7? From what I have read it looks pretty easy and works very well, but I wanted to get some personal information.
  25. 94transamgt

    2014 Lingenfelter 417/650 HP Vert M7 3LT Z51 NPP

    That c7 set the bar pretty high, can't wait to see what's next.
  26. Dave64

    Grape Flying New Colors

    Good on ya!!! Cops can use all the moral support they can get these days.
  27. NativeAz

    Mild 2 Wild Switch SOLD

    PM sent
  28. P51tj

    ACE @

    Nice Greg.... see ya found your old B1RD.
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