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  1. Yesterday
  2. Dave64

    Prescott All Corvette Car Show

    We are not going to be able to make the show this year. Our trip to Greece ⛴️ came thru (3rd time attempt). There's always next year...
  3. Dave64

    Welcome to ACE gr8del

    Another WELCOME from Garden Lakes...
  4. geoWorm

    Members user names and real names

    Payton & Mary - 2019 Stingray 2LT A8 Torch Red Convertible
  5. Last week
  6. roneva


    Lock this one down. Tires are gone!

    Engine tuning...

    The tuners in CA will be busy changing tunes back to stock for the next year, or at least as long as it takes to pass emissions. Some will consider it the last straw and move to a different state to escape from the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republik of Kalifornia) oppression.
  8. old yeller

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    That would take too much effort for some.......
  9. TopherAZ

    ACE Window Decals

    Thanks Donna!
  10. Extender32

    Welcome to ACE Ashton Thomas

    welcome from Avondale.
  11. Extender32

    Welcome to ACE bennettrp

    Welcome from Avondale.
  12. lisasvette

    92 LT1 wanted parts

    Power steering reservoir bracket Idler pulley Call 602 315 5748 anytime Thx
  13. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE Z06Les

    Nice ride and FYI, I'm no longer in AZ but still enjoy this group of ACEholes!!!
  14. Desertdawg

    New guy - here are my cars

    I guess you could say their success is their downfall. We all know Classic Gold to be a stellar shop for our vette’s, I’ve had 2 repainted there and the outcome was spectacular for both of them ( my 82ce and my current 08) Sorry to hear your having trouble contacting them. Something else to consider is just because someone answers the phone doesn’t mean your going to get quality work.
  15. Chameleon

    Welcome to ACE RSwannie

    LOVE that color! Check out our "Events" section - we have a cruise to Flagstaff coming up in August, and some of us will be participating or at least attending the big Corvette show in Prescott in September. Come on out!
  16. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Rcmaher

    @Rcmaher to ACE !! from Peoria.
  17. theChad

    Welcome to ACE beneharris

    @beneharris to ACE !! from Peoria.
  18. TopherAZ

    Rear end is bow legged

    Oh I will. New stuff is on the way. Struts? I can't imagine the struts would be bad... right? They are just metal bars. LOL
  19. JacksAO

    Escape the Heat - Saturday, August 14th

    Kathy and I are in, also in for Walnut Canyon after lunch.
  20. Dave64

    If you were gonna...

    This is what I'm contemplating. Black carbon flash in center of rear facia. I have a pricture of my car with this area blacked-out, sitting on my computer desk to see if I get tired of looking at it. So far, I still think it looks great - an option Chevy should have offered, as it looks better than their stripes, to me.
  21. Chameleon

    Happy Birthday y2krtaf

    Can't believe I missed seeing this...Happy Belated Birfday Gary, hope it was great!!!!
  22. Earlier
  23. Extender32

    Ace Member Picture Thread

    Welcome from Avondale.
  24. Dave64

    Good Guys car show Nov 19-21.. anyone else entering?

    I'll be spectating, again, as usual 😎
  25. Extender32


    Yep, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! I've been burned by him and I embarrassed to say how much he took me and my wife for, only to have Vintage Iron undo some of the work he said he did. In short, my wife's 78' was in worse shape after he got his mitts on it.
  26. CrimsonNCream

    They walk among us

    An they VOTE!!!
  27. Extender32

    Welcome to ACE Madeeper

    Welcome from Avondale.
  28. Extender32

    Welcome to ACE Dale Hudnall

    Welcome from Avondale.
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