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  2. az57chevy

    Paint Chips

    Ted, I usually try to sand down the chip edges to allow for a smoother area to paint into. I noticed the video doesn't mention that. Do you find it helpful or not?
  3. TheCMSH

    Tuesday Geezer Lunch location for 7-17 and 7-24

    Cracker Barrel is the answer to all things Geezer. They even have peppermint and licorice candy to aid in digestion
  4. Yesterday
  5. SixAddict

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    S Future rocket scientist....he's doing it wrong. The hose needs to be connected to the tank to work. Doh.?
  6. Thanks for having me for a second straight year, y'all needed a sedan in your group to break things up.
  7. Chameleon


    ^^^ Probably. And some days I feel retarded!
  8. Gorgeous C4 , good luck
  9. Last week
  10. Lurch


    Only takes one, a woman. She will read the directions and do it right the first time....or at least that is what my wife thinks.
  11. JLs Mistress

    Blendmount for C6. $ 35.00

    Bump for new price all my other items are sold..
  12. MaktonC6

    Devil has arrived

    Thanks for the reply. The car is still working, though I still need to have the RCDLR relearn the TPS sensors in the tires. Yesterday morning, the RCDLR relays started clicking randomly. This was the same issue that happened 3 weeks after the RCDLR failed. Researching this one, I went to the back of the car, looking at the door release switch. Upon dissembling it, the switch was effectively pushed in, full of sand and dirt, and dry rotted. Looks like I need a new switch. However, this doesn't stop the car from heading out and supporting fellow ace members or Cancer surviving children. In all, I'm betting the switch being consistently pushed in caused the failure of the RCDLR. Good thing to note as time goes on :).
  13. joe@cpr.com

    CPR weekly episode is up!

    Sorry forgot to update these threads! More episodes up and please hit that subscribe button :) we are so close to 1k!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS7qY_bSDqU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfZi2GsLaH8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo4Fjoc6lhw
  14. TheCMSH

    What are you doing, right this instant?

    Cabo.....suck it bitches
  15. SixAddict

    ACE T-Shirts

    Sweet, thank you.
  16. JohnU

    It’s finally happening!

    Looking good! 👍
  17. Earlier
  18. HarleyPat

    12th Annual Prescott Corvette Show - 2018

    I plan on going and will send my registration in today. 😎 Here is the link to last years show video. Hope this talks more members into going. Bad Bob, you can ride up with me if you like. I’ll be heading up Saturday the back way if anyone wants to meet in Wickenberg. 😎
  19. joe@cpr.com

    C7 Service - Need a Shop!

    C7's I'm extremely good at. Simple routine maintenance is a walk in the park for us.
  20. Eddie44

    Tuesday Lunch at 1:00 PM

    To avoid confusion, Tom (HOXXOH) will be starting a new thread explain the groups trial of various restaurants on a trial basis.
  21. Extender32

    Corvettes & Caddies is on July 21st.

    Me and Julie will keep you company for a while.
  22. Chameleon

    For Sale .44 S&W Magnum

  23. suprone

    Happy Birthday Robert >>>> suprone <<<<

    Thank You! Been out of the country that week enjoying the resort life at Marriott Canyon Villas! Family and friends celebrating! Thanks again! Supr-one
  24. Wow! Framing it makes it really look great. Glad it found a good home. 😃 Enjoy!
  25. JLs Mistress

    Happy 4th of July

    May the 4th be with you ........... all...
  26. mrhusker

    Hawthorn Court at Ahwatukee Visitation

    Thanks for having us, Heather. We all enjoyed it very much.
  27. Azmotorhead

    WTB Z06 Tail pipes

    Thanks for the correction
  28. Azmotorhead

    FS. Corsa 3" X-mid pipe

    Picked up a gently used Corsa 3" X- mid pipe. will fit a C6 with a std trans. Not sure what headers or if itll bolt up to stock manifolds w or w/o cats. $350
  29. SixAddict

    Chrome stock or Machine Silver TSW Nurburgring?

    Yes I noticed the offset is slightly different. They look great on your car, good choice. Enjoy.
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