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  2. Chameleon

    This happens when Chameleon wants to buy a vette

    I like the idea of creating scale size models, that could help with stuff to stay in the garage. Unfortunately, storage sheds are forbidden in my neighborhood. I like John's overhead storage idea, that has possibilities. Nice C3 Randy, I bet you still wish you had that car!
  3. Chameleon

    I need to cruise!

    ...and, on a day or time of day with little traffic, 89A from Sedona up to Flagstaff. Simply awesome! The granddaddy of twisty roads in Arizona is the Devil's Highway. US Highway 191 between Alpine Arizona and Morenci Arizona. Approximately 6000 foot change in elevation, with about 90 miles of switchbacks with huge drop offs and no guardrails.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hankpanky

    Corvette parts in Tucson

    Is there a go to parts department for oem only parts in Tucson? I am new to the area and new to corvettes
  6. Last week
  7. AZC5

    C5 wheels

    Hello, I have a set of wheels that were on my C5 that are for sale. They are 17x8.5 fronts and 18x9.5 rear. They are obviously used, but in good condition overall. I am asking 350.00 for them. Thank you, Brian
  8. Corvette Ed

    2019 Prescott Vette Sette Car Show

    That's good to hear. I hope they throw the book at him.
  9. SixAddict

    Cars In The Park - Sierra Vista 2019

    What no photos? Strange that you went to a show down there and we ran into two other vettes at our hotel Friday nite that had driven up from Tucson for the Prescott show......? Think they were from Tucson vette club. Glad you had a great time also. Prescott show was great as well and weather was outstanding.
  10. Extender32

    Service Location Peoria

    I would take your vette to Arrowhead Cadillac on Bell & 83rd Ave. I bought my ZR1 from them 6 yrs ago and have had great service from them, plus they do sell a lot of vettes. I would ask for Bill Large in the Service Department. He is a great guy and he won't jerk you around.
  11. mrhusker

    Cruzin The Lake 3.21.20

    I'm not going until they get that damn interstate fixed....getting home last year was a nightmare. It sure was a pretty cool show though. My favorite part was the kids car show that the parents built, I mean the kids built.
  12. Redhotvettte

    • Redhotvettte
    • Eddie44

    About a month ago I saw Larry ?( silver C6) at a retired Phx PD donut summit, yes you heard right a donut summit. We were talking about the cancer run that was done every year in July but for some reason it didn't happen this year. Last year  in 2018 I did not make because a good friend Ralph had passed away. Ralph drove the yellow 2006 ZO6 and always went on the run as well. 

    I mentioned to Larry that I would reach out to Barb Nichols at AZ Sunrise & Sidekicks and see about doing the escort again this next July. Unless this has already been done then I will volunteer in getting the info from Barb and posting. Maybe there might be the possibility in other event/runs they would like us do. Let me know what you and the other admin's think. Post up or email me at rayj911@cox.net of reach me on my cell at  602-525-4426, Ray

  13. JacksAO

    Julie's "New to Her" Corvette

    Are you sure? It looks to me it’s the middle one on the second row.
  14. GTIMANiac

    WTB TR6060 trans & associated

    Not local, but may be worth the drive. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c6-parts-for-sale-wanted/4329826-2013-z06-tr6060-and-diff-tx.html
  15. Chameleon

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Restroom in Prescott...
  16. Shakti Vette

    2012 Corvette Grand Sport

    PRICE DROP.............>! $36,500.00
  17. Shakti Vette

    Laughlin Run to the River Oct 26

    Thank you sir.........! You all have a safe trip, keep it under 160........
  18. Extender32

    How to piss off a BMW owner

    That would do it.
  19. JohnU

    Route 66 Fun Run

    I saw Karl on the recent run to Bagdad. He's waiting for confirmation of his RT66 rooms. I'm set for May 1-3 with German and our brides. Sounds like some 1st timers are looking to participate too! 👍 Get your room reservations in soon! http://www.gokingman.com/event-66FunRun Where else do you find the original owner of a '64 SS Malibu (purchased May 17, 1964) with her grandson driving and the rest of the family in the back seat on a 100 degree day with no A/C...... all having fun!
  20. JohnU

    Tuesday Geezer Lunch at Coco's

    They'll need to hire a guide dog to help back'em up!
  21. P51tj


    Ron, did your clock ever reset? Mine's gone now after the battery swap today...
  22. joe@cpr.com

    Upcoming CPR sponsored events!

    Omega on sun! Sct next Sat.
  23. Dave64

    C8.r. WOW!!!

    The performance versions are definitely cost well over $100K and won't be available for another couple years. An optioned 3LT Z51 is mid/high $90's. So, if you're inclined, buy one now, drive it for a couple 2 or 3 years, then step up to the performance version.
  24. NativeAz

    What are you doing, right this instant?

    Getting ready to drive to Prescott tomorrow... Lots of last minute clean-up, checks, etc. This guy wanted to help...
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  26. P51tj

    Happy Birthday JacksAO

    Happy Belated Birthday to ya!
  27. Hankpanky

    '05 c6 auto shifter sticks

    Thanks for the info, I am just not new to corvettes I just this summer moved to the tucson area. Is there a go to Chevy dealer and parts guy here?
  28. HarleyPat

    • HarleyPat
    • aenigma

    A cruise to the range is a great idea! I’m in! Just not Oct 13-18...I’ll be in NV for another four day defensive handgun class.😎

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