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  1. Today
  2. Big Tom

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

  3. NativeAz

    Corvettes and Coffee - Westside!!!

    Great Pics! Thanks for sharing.
  4. chris & debby

    New Years Day Run to Tortilla Flats

    Debby and I will be there
  5. Last week
  6. Extender32

    CT6 V blackwing V8

  7. az57chevy

    All Corvette Car Show

    The 202 is supposed to open the west route around South Mountain by Christmas. I-10 shoudl clean up shortly there after.
  8. Desertdawg

    C3 seat recommendation needed

    I put C5 seats in my 82. Iā€™m 6ā€™2ā€. Just have to do the base modification to lower them.
  9. Desertdawg

    That annoying drip. . .

    Or. rotate the mirror out of the way. drill small hole inside mirror base into door at the lowest point. rotate mirror back.
  10. R1banshee


    Do you still have it?
  11. JohnU

    AZ International Auto Show 2019

    There you go. Tell your spouse you were going to buy a pickup but decided to save money and economize..... so you bought a Corvette instead! šŸ¤£
  12. Earlier
  13. JohnU

    Happy Birthday SRT8/Vette

    Happy Birthday Julie! I guess we missed that one by only a week or so! šŸ˜Ÿ
  14. P51tj

    Happy Birthday Kahuna1 (Karl)

    Happy Belated Karl, Hope it was Great!
  15. P51tj

    Happy Birthday AZMotohead (Phil)

    Happy Belated Phil, Hope it was Grand!
  16. P51tj

    C6 Digital Clock

    Sorry Ron.... good talkin to ya this morn!
  17. Extender32

    How I roll

    He's not talking about golf balls. lol
  18. Hey guys. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago but have decided I really have no use for it. It's basically new. As seen here: https://www.nakidparts.com/c6-corvette-z06-grand-sport-zr1-mild2wild Looking to sell. $80 new so I think $60 seems fair since it's so new. I'll provide a receipt if needed. Thanks!
  19. HarleyPat

    Cruzin The Lake 3.21.20

    You really do know how to make me smile! šŸ˜
  20. Chameleon

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  21. Extender32

    What are you doing, right this instant?

    Just finished sauteing chicken for homemade chicken noodle soup for supper tonight. šŸ¤—
  22. SixAddict


    No I will not be going to Firebird this weekend. I am near Happy Valley and 35th Ave. just north of Happy Valley.
  23. 1991 ZR1

    94 service asr check abs lights

    What error codes do you have, You can try to disconnect battery and reconnect after a few minutes, may erase codes https://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/tech/c4/abs/index.html I assume your car is not a ZR-1. but LOTS of info here ZR1.net.
  24. Shakti Vette


    SOLD....! Headed to Washington state.
  25. Like NEW Corvette Jacket Size XL. Just had it dry cleaned after finding it in my closet hidden away. $100.00 I live in Chandler.
  26. dwdrummer

    100th Episode!

    Awesome video..... but aren't they all. much continued success in the new year.
  27. Does the clock work?
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