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  1. Today
  2. SixAddict

    Photos of Phillip's Watkins Glen Gray C7 Z06

    Great work Logan. (As usual ). I will be in touch soon.....
  3. Azmotorhead

    C6 3.42 rear differential

    Selling the rear differential out of my 07 Z51. It’s a DTE SS3 with 3.42 gear set. Ran quiet with no issues. Originally installed in the car by XMS back in 2010. $2200 or reasonable offer. Phil
  4. Yesterday
  5. 94transamgt

    Got More Purple & Ride Stuff

    Nice work, let us know how you like the coil overs after you get them adjusted.
  6. Joeandgwen

    Prescott All Corvette Car Show

    Gwen and I are in as well.
  7. old yeller

    Welcome to ACE Chuck1479

    πŸ‘‹ from Chandler!
  8. 0311 Devil Dog

    Welcome to ACE 0311 Devil Dog

    Thanks for the kind words. Pics will follow. I have a 2016 Z51 A8 vert. LB Red with Kalahari. Borla X pipe, M2W, Solar TB, Vararam CAI, Range device. Dyno 415 RWHP Current searching for a 68-72 C3. Dan
  9. Last week
  10. Chameleon

    Saturday 14th Cars at Casa

    Sorry. I had a prior commitment for this morning and no way to do both. . .
  11. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE hefners73

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  12. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE RSwannie

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  13. HarleyPat

    Chipped paint

    Thanks guys...going to see Michael Bennett at Classic Gold on Monday for an estimate. My poor baby! 😷
  14. I'd say MSG as well ...here is a pic of Machine Silver Metallic.
  15. theChad

    Welcome to ACE TST

    @TST to ACE !! from Peoria
  16. old yeller

    Welcome to ACE Steve Garrett

    πŸ‘‹ from Chandler!
  17. Chameleon

    Welcome to ACE osusport

    Very nice! Love C3's!
  18. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Faith Hare

    @Faith Hare to ACE !! from Peoria.
  19. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Slaughter

    @Slaughter to ACE !! from Peoria
  20. Thanks ! I did end up getting this VEEPEAK OBDCheck BLE+ Bluetooth 4.0 OBD2 Scanner unit off Amazon and buying the OBD Fusion app for iPhone. Seems to work great with my C6 GS. Need to connect it up to the Tahoe & Cruise next.
  21. theChad

    Happy Birthday to Extender 32

    Happy Birthday !
  22. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Sbenso

    @Sbenso to ACE !! from Peoria.
  23. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Vertguy

    @Vertguy to ACE !! from Peoria.
  24. theChad

    Welcome to ACE Dspencer

    @Dspencer to ACE !! from Peoria.
  25. Chameleon

    Historic Prescott Corvette Show

    Please see event thread here:
  26. Chameleon

    Great news. Prescott show is on.....

    This thread locked to avoid confusion. Please direct discussion of the Prescott Car Show to the pinned thread for that event here: https://www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.net/topic/31355-prescott-all-corvette-car-show/
  27. mrhusker

    Just a thought..Vegas weekend

    Yep, my bad...YELLER Sunnie. Been a while.
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