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    New ACE Banner

    For Donna
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  4. dwdrummer

    The new grape!!!!

    I hope mark has been saving his money. Damn!!!
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  6. Dave64

    Mid-year running light conversion

    Mike, let me know if you want to know how the wiring goes for the daylight driving light mod. It's really quick & easy. Dave
  7. android

    2006 Katech Z06

    The previous owner just sent these. Sorry, not the best resolution
  8. If you friend me on Facebook (I’m back on there just until I can have people to interact with in person again lol), I have them on there. I’m under Monique Andazola.
  9. Last week
  10. SixAddict

    Looking for stereo installer

    Thanks Mark. Good luck with your projects as well.
  11. Chameleon

    Corona Virus COVID-19

    Arizona State Health Department COVID-19 update: https://www.azdhs.gov/ Arizona State Health Department activity guidelines currently in effect: https://www.azdhs.gov/documents/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/novel-coronavirus/public-resources/social-distancing.pdf
  12. mrhusker

    KMart Gathering - 04/05/2020

    I had to delete the video, seems it was causing some issues with some people. Sorry if I pissed anyone here off. Stay safe and stay healthy.
  13. jack52r

    • jack52r
    • Chameleon

    Lets see...…….retired public safety,  retired State of Arizona, retired insurance broker, retired social security, 100% disabled veteran, ….Wheerow! I guess I'm Just tired and don't do nutten but be an ACEhole now.

    1. Chameleon


      Sounds like a good plan to me!

  14. Vette R & D

    What I did on Corvid-19 Vacation

    In 2008 I went to work one day and the Cabinet business I worked for was closed, So I hand picked three other employees and we started a cabinet business in my garage. We had one job where the finish got on the floor and hence I never really got it all off. I also want to say that I did not do the actual work of redoing the floor myself, I had it done by The Garage Floor Company aka GFC. I am doing all the painting and the cabinets. All the electrical and subpanel I did back when I had a garage full of woodworking machines and I just did one for my Son-In-Law while I'm prepping the Cabinets More pictures to follow when the Cabinets are going in.
  15. Blk n Blu

    Help ! Don't wanna pull the steering column !

    I would check the safety switch to the clutch or shifter first. I had that problem once. Cylinder can be change by pull steering wheel, switch should have to pull column. Major pita might want to button switch like Extender suggested. Good luck.
  16. Question: If he was a gigantic Richard Cranium and treated her worse, would she be happy he spent more time with the Vette?
  17. SixAddict

    F/S C6 Smoked Tail Lights

    Yes I did it myself and it wasn’t to hard but time consuming as you want it done right, fenders have to be loosened, bumper loosened and wheel well liners and brake ducts removed to do it right, that part was easy, you want to get some fender washers to shim the headlights into correct placement in the fender/bumper area, that took some time. Here’s a quick shot from last months corvettes and coffee.
  18. Big Tom

    Champion Motorcycle trailer

    2002 Champion Elite tow behind Motorcycle trailer.Two sets of tires and wheels.Extra set of Wheel Covers.4 Wire Flat Hook up. Has Coil over shocks not leaf springs. Tow behind your Hatchback. I have done it. Price $750
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  20. roneva

    2002 Corvette

    Please close this topic.
  21. Chameleon

    ACE needs your help. . .

  22. yumasal

    Mild 2 Wild Switch

    Item is STILL for sale. 928-246-2876
  23. jack52r

    Der Commish is for der sale

    Mabe can do another Cruise De Ajo. Have lots of art work and Murals to show off.
  24. Congrats on finding a new home for them!
  25. Extender32

    Extender32 gets busted

    OK, Here's what really happened. We were cruising down the 10 headed towards Vulture Mine Rd when the Trans Cooler Line on Julies Car burst in 2 places. Mr. Po Po stopped to check on us and Mo got the idea to have some fun. I have already replaced the trans cooler line and Julies car is ready for action. Thanks Mo & Lonnie for the fun with Po Po.
  26. NativeAz

    Grape Ape Walk Around

    Loved the video.
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