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  2. Chameleon

    Tuesday Geezer Lunch at Coco's

    Just a reminder that this lunch is still an active weekly event. All ACEholes are welcome and you don't need to be a "geezer" to attend...
  3. old yeller

    Wecome to ACE Legend921

    👋 from Chandler!!
  4. old yeller

    2nd Anniversary of Mikey’s Passing

    What happens in Gila Bend stays in Gila Bend........
  5. SixAddict

    Wecome to ACE Drew Fassler

    Welcome to the club
  6. Last week
  7. Chameleon

    Finished Engine Cover

    Dave, that is beautiful!
  8. Vet65te

    Searching for Info on my 69

    Hello Hans - You mention you believe your 69 was originally sold in Arizona. Was this from a previous owners comments? Reason I ask, and maybe you already know about this, if you are an NCRS member, you can send away (with a check for a bit under $50, and hopefully receive what is known as the NCRS Shipping Report. You provide the VIN to the NCRS folks and 'if' they have the info they will send you the info that tells you the original selling dealership. This covers basically 62 through 75 Corvettes but not all Corvettes in that age range are covered. I've done this for about a half
  9. Vet65te

    Looking for my dads 1965

    Drew - Hope you are successful in finding your Dad's 65 Roadster. Your story sounds familiar, have you already posted it on the Corvette Forum? I did a search but didn't find anything. Anything else you can tell us about the roadster, such as which horsepower engine, any options you might remember, anything non-stock like wheels or body mods, anything like that might help in the search. Good Luck, Mike T - Prescott AZ
  10. Buccaneer

    Pics of my 69

    Here's a few more, a little better. Enjoy!
  11. I always wondered if he drove a school bus the way he drove his Vette 😳
  12. P51tj

    Wecome to ACE HCK

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  13. Extender32

    Wecome to ACE Kimberley LaVigne

    Welcome from Avondale.
  14. Dave64

    Official who did I see thread

    Saw a '20/'21 Accelerate Yellow Metallic Z51 Coupe headed north on Litchfield Road at about 2:30 this afternoon
  15. JohnU

    !st Saturday Events moving-Cancelled

    Wow, just outside Scottsdale. But they were able to have it at Fashion Square mall last month that is in Scottsdale.
  16. az57chevy

    Cars & Coffee Hosted by Scuderia Southwest


    Cancelled for March again
  17. HOXXOH


    Cool video. Thanks for posting it Mark.
  18. Chameleon

    Wecome to ACE SixSpeedls3

    Things have been a lull for quite a while now due to COVID, but I expect things will start picking up again over the next month or so with the vaccine now being distributed. . . Stay tuned and keep an eye on the Events section for upcoming activities!
  19. Desertdawg

    Wecome to ACE Howwhywhyhow

    Welcome to from north Mexico (Gila Bend). Sweet ride.
  20. old yeller

    Wecome to ACE RickAlbert

    👋 from Chandler!
  21. theChad

    Garage Door Opener Interference

    I used Lodi door in the past. No complaints.
  22. Earlier
  23. ^^^ Yup, this is another example of what I was talking about. You had a great experience with Vans, but I had a very negative experience with Van's several years ago. I did have great experiences with Coulter Cadillac, and recently with Arrowhead Cadillac - but there is probably some Corvette owner out there who had a negative experience with one of those dealerships...
  24. Dave, The spindles are from Tom’s. The half shafts are from dragvette. 3” w/ 1350 solid Spicer u-joints. They rate them at 550hp. Chevy actually went to this size in 76 or 77. I know what you mean about trailering. It’s much nicer when the drags are at Wildhorse and we can just drive our cars to the track.
  25. Robin Rost

    Wecome to ACE Robin Rost

    Thank you everyone!!
  26. a66bbvet

    GS losing it's mind

    Did you have the same situation with the burglar alarm going off when you unlocked it with the key.
  27. theChad

    Brake fluid C5 Which type and where

    Same here. .3
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