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  2. Want to buy my Dad's 50th Anniversary Corvette? It is in very good condition and beautiful! Special edition Burgundy exterior and Shale interior. One owner, clean title, has never seen snow or ice. Stored in a garage, non smoking/non pet owner, very clean and meticulously cared for! No accidents, recently detailed, no mechanical issues. We have complete history of car. $18,000 OBO, Located in Phoenix, AZ. Mileage: 69,154. I can send more photos.
  3. Yesterday
  4. 94transamgt

    I miss you all

    I 100% agree about Sycamore creek across from Bush hwy, I don't like to wheel or shoot there. We go to the area across from Mt. Ord, very different area with the dirt bikes. I usually shoot out near Four Peaks, but only when it low traffic times.
  5. az57chevy


    Window motor is an easy fix on a C5
  6. aenigma

    Engine work needed

    I’ve not had work done by them but I’ve heard quite a few horror stories. I’m wondering why they’re still in business with the reviews I’ve read. Extender had a really bad one. You’ll have to find it and read it. Good hard working people should never end up victim like this.
  7. az57chevy

    Cars & Coffee Hosted by Scuderia Southwest

    Filling in the center section only will result in lots less cars!
  8. Last week
  9. CrimsonNCream

    Back in the saddle

    Yep, she is a beaut!
  10. TheCMSH

    What are you doing, right this instant?

    "Buffed your buddy's ambulance". Is that the new lingo they use to describe the love than dare not speak its name????
  11. P51tj

    2021 Rt 66 Fun Run is on!

    The only web site that I found showing it was cancelled was ACE...LOL!!!
  12. Vette R & D

    '63 - '67 Midyears

    Here is a 62, I know it is not a 63 but worth a look.
  13. y2krtaf

    Here's the C7 Alignment Shop to go to!

    Forza has it figured out for all kinds of crazy stuff,they really are good.
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  15. Lurch

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank you God for getting us through this year. Thank you all for your help and freindship. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Chameleon

    Good Guys annual car show

    Thank you John!!! 👍
  17. Yeah, this again. Time for the annual oil change on the ZR1 and Z06. Been driving up to Tempe going to Xtreme Motorsports for years now, ever since Loud Pedal up there closed. Anybody got a trusted 'Vette guy in Tucson that can handle a basic oil change in a dry sump car without doing any damage? BTW, if your response is gonna be "...do it yourself..." then save your keystrokes.
  18. Chameleon


  19. Dan Walsh

    NEW Coker Tires!

    I have 4 BRAND NEW Coker Classic tires for sale. Size...P205/75 R 15 wide whitewalls. Ordered these 2 months ago ( cannot return after 60 days) and have now decided to change the size on my vehicle. Asking $800.00 for the set ....retail at $920.00 plus tax. Great buy for someone.
  20. TheCMSH

    Rear end noises

    Yah what Tom says. I put 8882625 gear oil in my '01 and problem solved. I had the gear oil/friction modifier changeout twice on my C5 and it would always start the clunk within a couple thousand miles.
  21. Wills.WindowsAndWheels

    C8 Clear Bra Install Video

    We have a plotter in house so we can alter the patterns as needed (or re-print if we screw up lol).
  22. CrimsonNCream

    Happy Birthday Ole Yeller!

    Happy Birfday ACE Brother!
  23. Buccaneer

    December 11, Track night CANCELLED

    How is it possible that the track is losing money when it is packed with racers and the price has gone up for a while now? The only way I see them losing cash is by closing it down and in Jan 2021 we will see if the country closes down again, if that happens say goodbye to a lot of things since the country can't stand another full lock down without real bad economic issues IMO, but we shall see. Hang on kids, it may be a bumpy ride next year.
  24. Eddie44

    Happy Veterans Day

    Thanks to all that are serving and have served. Better late than never.
  25. SixAddict

    Saturday 14th Cars at Casa

    Posted on the big forum for those interested. I’m planning on going, even though every highway and byway is closed around me....
  26. Richard Lopez

    C4 Corvette Targa Top

    Hello sir I’m interested in your item, my phone number is 787-409-8205. If you can call me I will appreciate it.
  27. dwdrummer

    • dwdrummer
    • joe@cpr.com

    Hey joe. This is curt (Dwdrummer). Need to get some work done on my c5. Window regulator and blend door repair. Fluids also. Was wondering how much and when can you do it? Thanks buddy.

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