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    making C5 great again pre-order shirts. many of you know my blue C5 that is our shop race car. well I decided to celebrate making them great again by coming out with a shirt. This is a pre-order as they are being made now and should be back from printers in 2-3 weeks as we just got the artwork setup. https://cordesperformanceracing.com/product/cpr-making-c5s-great-again-t-shirt/
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    Looks like Julie’s on the bottom row in the middle!
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    One photo Lonnie's saying there's not enough tire width. Another photo he's saying, "yup, big block will fit". Then in another photo, he saying you can add bigger headers for better sound!
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    Can't put your "crew" in a Corvette.
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    It was good to see you again. I enjoyed our conversation about motorcycles. Thank you for the brake pads and the nuts. I will see what I can do about finding a home for your nuts, LOL!
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    Thank you. I prefer my nuts boxed rather than loose...
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    It was fun last time and your right we will miss bad Bobby 😪. Count Me and D in
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    Joyce and I enjoyed the first one and still talk about it, so a request to confirm our attendance is a resounding yes.
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    This town ain't big enough for 2 bunches of ACE-holes...
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    I will attend. Number of "heads" accompanying me to be determined, I will let you know as soon as I do. . . THANKS MO!
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    This was a great cruise, with 5 Corvette generations represented (C3, C4, C5, C6, C7) and one ACE "old school" member joining us again! Thanks to all who participated to make this a great day!
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    Nope, I merely was keeping a muzzle on myself.
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    Am I the ONLY one who thought Bolt On's was referring to something else????? 🤪
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    Reason why I have a yard guy. Me: do you pick up dog poo? yard guy: yes Me: you’re hired.
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    This was cool. Not many cars made it in the last day video. Our car got in there. It’s the top video. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/race-results-day-5-hot-rod-drag-week-2019/?sm_id=organic_fb_social_HRN_190915_sf219447613&sf219447613=1
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    OMG, Lonnie posted!!!!
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    ^^^ that could be me at the window and Mr & Mrs AZmotorhead trying to sleep...
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    Well....................................let's see. Wheels are .....um no.... OH! Hang on.....offroad headlights are really really.....ahhhh....nevermind. I am trying to be positive. Okay, As a purpose built vehicle, on a modest budget, it performs to the owners requirements, and does not overheat.
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    Just wait a few years; as you age and your spine compresses, someday you'll be short enough for a C8. . .
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    What do you think of this Vette? It’s here at drag week. There’s almost no way to tell it’s a Vette other than the doors and the roof. Yucch.
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