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    New shirts are now available for the 15th annual BBQ. See pic below for design. Details: Colors: White, Natural Khaki, Ash Grey, Ice Grey (note: Ash is darker than Ice) Styles: Men's and Women's - (note: women's sizes run smaller) Sizes: Small - XXXL Price: $10 each. To order, post up in this thread. Include quantity, color, style and size. ORDER DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 28TH. Shirts will be delivered at the BBQ in Gila Bend on March 10th. Any questions, contact (602)487-6821 ORDERS: Chameleon = 1 men's medium, Ash HarleyPat = 1 men's large White, and 1 women's large, White SixAddict = 1 Men's XL Ash, 1 Men's XL White JohnU = 1 Men's XL Ice JLs Mistress = 1 Men's large Ash, 1 Men's XL Ash Lew Shaw = 1 Men's XL Ice, 1 Women's Medium Ice XxDoubledgexX = 1 Men's XXL Ash Shakti Vette = 1 Men's XL Ash Kahuna1 = 1 Men's XXL Ice
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    I'm going to guess terminal on starter.
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    On the main forums page, there’s a donate button at the bottom. It’s new!
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    It will be be hot but less hot than the Valley. Likely mid 90's give/take. Maybe monsoony in July, too. For Payson places the Buffalo has pretty good bar food and a giant parking lot next to it. If you really want good food do the extra 15 minutes and go to Pine to the Old County Inn. The drive is great and it will be if not the best pizza you ever had at least in your top 5. Only issue is it gets crowded because it's that damn good. If you're going as a group in the summer on a weekend be there at 11 when they open. As far as the Sidewinders suggestion they shut the doors the week before Christmas. However... it is being renovated/reopened as a new bar/grill by the owner of the Old County Inn. Supposed to reopen in April and based on the food at Old County I bet it's gonna be awesome.
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    Not going anywhere this Sunday, The NASCAR worlds Super Bowl is finally here!
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    Concours in the Hills 2018 was in Fountain Hills, Arizona last weekend on the 10th. It was a fund raiser for the Phoenix Children's Hospital so it was a great cause. They said there was about 719 vehicles there and set a new record. It was also a great place to have the show as it was on the grass and had the fountain for a good backdrop. My video is unfortunately about an hour long so I don't expect you all to watch every minute of it. It took me longer then that to walk around and see everything. It was fun.Enjoy the show:
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    I believe this event will be on March 17 this year. It was an awesome show last year. Would be great to have a big ACE showing! http://estrellamountaincarclub.com/product/car-show-registration/ MORE INFO from the hosting club: Cost to register: $25 (with club discount, $18.75) Location of the show: StarPointe Resident's Club, 17665 W. Elliot Rd., Goodyear. 17665 W Elliot RD, Goodyear Participant arrival time: Entry begins around 7:00 am (March 17th, 2018) As a group, if we arrive together, we can park together. The hosting club is actively encouraging other car groups to participate. As a member of ACE, you can get a 25% discount on your registration by pre-registering with code EMCC2018. Helpful links: 2018 show registration: http://estrellamountaincarclub.com/product/car-show-registration/ 2017 show: http://estrellamountaincarclub.com/cruzn-to-the-lakes-car-show/. If you're going, post up here! IN: HarleyPat Chameleon XxDoubledgexX
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    Looks like a fun project for sure!! Keep the progress pics coming!
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    That reminds me I have rear bushings and a bearing to do back home.......
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    Hello all, received info from one of your members, looked at the site and it looks like everyone has a lot of fun. Kind of hard not to when you are able to drive a Vette. Looking forward to joining in some of the trips.
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    Thanks for the links German!
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    Three Corvette articles just posted at Hagerty:. ZR1 breaks track record at Virginia Int'l, C4 Konner special edition, and history of mid-engine Corvettes. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/latest https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/02/01/production-car-lap-record-at- https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/02/01/the-konner-corvette https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/01/30/sixty-years-in-the-making And another https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/02/01/mid-engine-memoir
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    Good idea, we should have the new place open by then. Meeting with the mayor this week.
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    Thanks for the pics and video! It was a fun ride and great meeting everyone!
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    Great pics as always German! 😎
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    Thanks to everyone who participated, you made this great! German, thanks for the pics, I knew we could count on you! Don't worry about names - you're not alone. I personally have a memory like a sieve these days!
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    Also thank you German for taking and sharing the photos, nice job.
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    My co-pilot is down with the flu so I will be a no show. Welcome back Phil, sorry to miss you today.
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    I recommend Bromley’s as well - took care of my C3!
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    And just to make up for the missing shoe, here it is, along with my douchebag Seiko limited edition Automatic Diver Blue Lagoon Samurai. Sorry, no Datejust or Submariner just yet.
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    I have heard positive input about them, have not heard anything negative. They specialize in restorations, and their main focus seems to be old American cars. Here is a link to their website: http://www.vintageironandrestoration.com/ My personal experience with them is limited.I took a C3 that I was thinking about buying over to them to be inspected. They inspected the car, including putting it up on a lift, and painstakingly went over every inch with me right there the entire time. After the inspection they gave me a detailed written report that covered everything they had found and everything we discussed. I haven't ever had work done there. However, I was impressed with their thoroughness, and the amount of time they took with the car and to answer my questions. The shop was extremely clean and very organized. We have an ACE Admin @LastC3 who used to work there. You could PM him for additional information. Also, although reviews can be subjective, if you Google them you will find they have pretty good reviews.
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