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    This was a fun brochure to go through! 2020corvettestingrayplaybook.pdf
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    Wait, what? Mo, you're not driving that fine example of automotive engineering on this cruise?????
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    Lonnie at some point on the way home: Do you think he should be driving that way with a pregnant woman? Me: she’s 7 1/2 months. You’ve never had kids. It’s something that grows gradually so you get used to it. Lonnie: oh. 😂
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    Hello ACE Crew, Mary and I had a wonderful time busting bugs and burning fuel with everyone today, thank you for having us on the run. See everyone sooooon... See below a few photos we took today, enjoy.
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    Nate and I had a fun ride back caravaning. He’s heavy on the pedal and loves the turns. Excellent drive - I even tried to scare lonnie back. Didn’t work.
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    Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a great event!
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    Things to install in Lonnies Vette next time he drives: A couple more oh sh** bars. A racing harness seatbelt for passenger side so when we careen off the side, I’ll stay in my seat. An airline bag. You know which one I’m talking about. My own fake brake pedal so I can feel like I’m contributing.
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    Guess I'm lucky I get to sleep in tomorrow, Cleaned and full tank, Ready to go. And we are not coming back until Tuesday
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    Is this the same HarleyPat that was making us get up at 5AM for the Crusin the Lake car show??? I believe you asked me if you should call me to get up, I could return the favor and give you a call....
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    ADOT weekend travel advisory for selecting your route to Fountain Hills: https://azdot.gov/media/News/news-release/2019/08/15/adot-s-weekend-freeway-travel-advisory-(aug.-16-19)
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    No big deal. Common stuff parks off on the west as usual, walk thru and “kick the tires” then go visit the exotics. The Childrens Hospital gets the fees from the exotics. The kids win!
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    This project has been put on the back burner due to other priorities, weather, etc., but I should be able to resume working on it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, waiting for a few ordered items to arrive, and need to get new tires mounted on the original wheels (including the spare). I will have them remove the old tires off of the American Racing wheels I had been using temporarily and sell the wheels.
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    ^^^ Buy premium, top-quality gas (recommend Chevron) and put a bottle of Techron in the tank, repeat, repeat may solve the fuel guage issue. I had this same fuel guage issue, it took me 8 tanks of Chevron premium gas/8 bottles of Techron to resolve.
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    New parts for the headlight conversion just came in. Two actuators, switch, relay and 3" 16ga flat steel for the new mounting brackets.
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    Welcome to nice ride
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    I still think you should dump it and go back to a C6 ......
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    Welcome to the forum and to Corvettes! Super looking C5, can't wait to see it at one of the many events around town. Alpio's this Saturday 7:00 am to about 9:00 am https://alpiosattroon.com/cars-coffee/
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    Congrats and Howdy from Avondale!
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    Planning to be there 11:00ish. Anyone else?
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    Welcome to from Peoria!!
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    Welcome and congrats on your C5, yes sharp wheels. Good luck with the mods.
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    Welcome to Congrats on your first Vette! Check out the events section for upcoming things to do - got a cruise to Flagstaff coming up on August 17th. . .
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    Anything big like that, I personally take to Classic Gold in Tempe. The do a lot of Vettes and Joe had a 99 vert, very familiar with them. Between parts and labor, you're going to spend some coin on those fixes I'm afraid. You can also check out Cordes Performance, little further away in Mesa but worth the drive. He's a little more about go-fast stuff but also does all the general mechanical stuff; he also has a C5
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    Nice, sharp car, like the wheels. No doubt you will have questions, post up, we're all happy to help and offer advice; most of us have been through it
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    ‘79 Corvette C3 L82 for sale. 51,200 miles, A/C just converted and serviced, glass T-tops, new oyster interior and carpet, runs great, no accidents, clear title. $14,000 negotiable.
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    Sorry to hear about that car in the shop again. Maybe if'n ya quit beatin' on it, it might last a while...🤔Good luck with it all.
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    We shall see, we shall see...I do need to drive it more though that’s for sure.
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    I went by Van yesterday and was told the date is now August 27 from 11:00 to 4:00.
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    Let's see her do that without the seal broken first.
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    Corvette owners are like a bunch of farmers: Bitch when it doesn't rain, then turn around and bitch when it rains (yes I can say that because I'm Nebraska farm kid before anyone gets their panties in a bunch) A lot of the owner demographic skews older, therefore tradition will always be front and center in the conversation and when there is departure there will be grumbling. Its a lot like when the C7 came out, oh the horrors of the tail lights, and now the tail light complaints again. News flash: they'll never go back to round, the progression has happened. Transmission debate: Real sport cars and manual transmissions even though its been proven that automatics are faster. Even though we have the paddle shifters, that's not good enough unless you have to push a clutch in order to be a real driver. It goes on and on I'm probably more concerned about the cockpit layout in general. I don't have much love the controls arrangement on the tunnel and the passenger compartment looks to have barely enough room for anyone of any size at all. Overall, the cockpit looks cramped to me, only sitting in it will tell for sure. The steering wheel: I'm not sure how that is going to work if you're doing a lot of twisty technical driving where you have to hand-over-hand on the wheel as you turn. I wouldn't even try to imagine how you could work on or perform maintenance in that engine compartment, I'm sure without being able to put that car significantly in the air the DIY'ers are SOL Now, minus those personal observations, I was really skeptical until the unveiling and then...….its really growing on me. I kinda wanted to hate the thing, but I just don't. I do think its a car that GM can market to younger demographic and it will have some appeal because it really is progressive. To top it off, how can you even complain about that price point for that performance level?
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    So we have had an allocation deposit for awhile now with Gateway Chevy here in AZ. With the official release of the C8 we wanted to make a video going through the Chevy site discussing our thoughts and feelings on the options and how we will be spec'ing ours out once ordering can be made. For those in this section of corvette forum not familiar with us we are an automotive performance shop based in Tempe, AZ that specializes in corvettes C5+. We had many first with the C7 platform as we got one extremely early on when they came out. Our goal with this platform is to develop some great products for those that wish to modify the car. Even with tuning not being available right away and potentially never we feel we have some great ideas for area's that still can be tweaked and not have to tune it. First step will be an exhaust system for those that wish to shave some weight as I'm sure the factory suitcase muffler will be heavy, we have quite an extensive fabrication ability here and currently produce many products that get shipped all over, along with very complicated custom one off work in house. Some other items will be purely a cosmetic enhancement in the engine bay. As far as our performance goals before tuning is available. We do plan on putting a drag pack on the car and seeing what it is capable in the 1/4 and 1/2 mile stock and on a nice tire setup. Than do our exhaust system to shave some weight and finally until tuning is available do a nitrous system with race gas to see how far we can take it. We are willing to find the limits early on this transmission and how it all works because if tuning becomes available we want to have without a doubt the strongest understanding of this new platform in regards to making power and holding it. Once tuning seems like it will become available, a Twin turbo system will be at the top of our priority list! In the meantime I hope you enjoy this fun video of us going through options on the chevy site, please like and subscribe our video and if you're new to our channel checkout the other videos we have put up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-E47ZGcFM
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    Dude, this is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” Forum.
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