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    Like Commish I love the XLR. When we were at the plant in 2005 they were being built about every fifth car on the line. BTW, I hid your post in Off Topic so there weren’t duplicate responses. Welcome to ACE!
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    Never been there, but just looked at their menu online. Their hot dogs look awesome. YUM!
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    Was a hell of a modification.. Just to add to your confusion.....LOL
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    I’ll bet someone at the Geezer lunch could probably diagnose the problem for you...lol! Just busting your balls!
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    Check this out: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c5-tech/1029491-dic-code-scm-b2860-h-and-c-i-fixed-it.html I think the other code is for you AC actuators, the pre 2001 cars have issues with the teeth of the internal gears breaking off and they don't fully operate https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c5-tech/2845575-havc-code-what-is-it-b0361.html
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    C is current and H is historical I haven't dig into those particular codes, so this is all I can offer at the moment.
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    Absolutely! I totally love it. We were able to collect our cars back from friends and storage. Every day I still can’t believe we got it done when I walk into it. They did an amazing job. It wasn’t without issues during the process, but the end result was perfect. It it looks like a simple 2 car garage from the outside, which is nicer aesthetically. I don’t have pictures of the cabinets installed after or the sink lonnie installed. I’ll try to get those posted.
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    Happy Halloween, except this guy.......
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    Happy Halloween, ACEholes!
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    Polished frame, swing arm, passenger pegs, triple trees, and wheelsAttack brand adjustable triple clamps, shock linkage and rear setsOhlins rear shockTitanium nitrided LE modified forksBrembo front full floating rotors with 19 mm MCStaintune exhaust, plus extra AkropovicCarbon fiber cockpit infill panelsCarbon fiber tank protectorLSL clip-onsZero Gravity screenCustom Corbin seat (repadded) 520 DID chainCruise controlPirelli Diablo tiresNever tracked. Never crashed. Clean title.Comes with the following extras:Rear luggage racksGrab railCenter stand (New in box)Rear carbon huggerRear seat cowl cover Complete spare front and rear seat Akropovic exhaustExtra wind screensShop manualsTank bagThis bike is a 9.5 out of 10. Runs excellent. Needs nothing. Current mileage is 13,400, but I'm riding it, so it will go up a bit. More pics here: https://www.yarnellpics.com/Motorcycles-and-rides/Triumph/
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    Holloween pics as requested. For all those who thought for a minute they rather be the opposite sex or bi-sexual or backed out of a sex change at the halfway point, this is what it would look like. When you can't make up your mind you get this.
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    the classic glass section. 72 needs a lot of TLC. It willl keep me out of trouble for awhile .
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    The best part is NO Computer crap to deal with
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    Tom is spot on in his last paragraph 😁
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    Although Summit Racing sells several versions/brands of balancers for a C6, don't be tricked by the price difference between a Powerbond PB1117N and a PB1117SS. The "N" is really no better than OEM, while the "SS" is a different style of construction and is SFI certified to withstand rigorous racing and high HP conditions. For the extra price, you get a lifetime product vs an unknown time before the next failure. Also check other suppliers, such as Hinson, for the exact same product, since prices and shipping vary between suppliers. There's a bigger price difference for professional installation than for the product. Check to see how many a shop has done, since their volume has created their time and pricing structure. If you are a DIYer, divide the price by 50 to get an idea of the hours you'll be working. Multiply the hours by your age minus 50 to find the additional percentage of time needed. (age 64 becomes a factor of 1.14) Keep in mind that'd be actual working time, not to include beer breaks, time to let the pain meds start, or lie down resting under the car.
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    A bit late but here are some more pictures from the show... https://hawkc7.wordpress.com/events/2018-september-historic-prescott-corvette-car-show/
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    Oh man. I just want to sit in it naked.
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    What a pain in the ass... and back, and knees, and fingers. But after much persistence, I managed to get it replaced without cutting holes, removing intake, or removing PCV tube. Had to buy an 1 1/16" deep socket, which for whatever reason, is cheaper than a 27mm. Use some string with a slip knot around the top to ensure the new one didn't get lost behind everything. It also helped to get the threads started. I wrapped the string around it a few times, dropped it near the hole, and used my "fuck you" finger to balance it in the hole while pulling the string slowly like a pull start lawn mower. I felt the threads catch and proclaimed an exuberant, "Hell YEAH!!" Trying to get the threads started inside the socket wasn't happening.
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