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    I spotted this beauty at the roadrunner car show this morning
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    Planning to go tomorrow. Anybody else attending this event? (And no, I don't plan on bidding....just drooling.) I will post some photos.
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    We recently wrapped up our first glide swap in a C7, while we have done this swap in c5/6's before this was the first for a C7. This car originally came to us with a blower, headers, meth making a claimed 900 rwhp and running slower than a stock C7Z here does in AZ. We got it down to a 9.3 with stock internals, and than it kept evolving into what you see now. This car has the following setup from us. 427 sleeved LTX CID heads F1x CPR air to water system Fore fuel system Crawford port injection w/ LME manifold 15'' conversion RPM glide/9'' conversion 8.5 cage tillet seats arh 2-2 1/8 headers Combo runs on ignite 114 and still retains everything like stock. AC, backup camera, etc. This first outing looking at the log the customer shifted the 1/2 at 7100 rpm and this combo we setup to run out to 8k rpm so with more seat time and bumping up the timing (we left it low to creep up on it) this car should be right where our C5 shop car is at a 8.0-8.1 at 169-171 If anyone has questions or is looking to do a build like this or even not to this level we have the ability, drive, and passion to get you there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9qUtvkVsdY
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    Click this to view photos I tried to keep them in order so placards matched, but sometimes "stuff" happens...
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    I went last month and the new format seems to work ok. The crowd and the amount of cars are way down, use to take a couple hours to walk the whole parking lot, now an hour if your lucky to walk the section of parking lot they are allowing for this new format. I really enjoyed the old format much better as I enjoy seeing all makes and models of cars, bikes, home built, but hey if your a car guy you like to see all cars, now meh just a few rows of high end or not cars..... I also know it was quite a crowd to control for police and event personnel and business owners who had their parking lot not accessible for a few hours. I guess with with this new format they will also close shop for the summer like they did last year. 1991ZR1 - yes they are charging a fee to show car if you qualify or you can purchase a membership.
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    . Thanks Donna, I'm sure you'll like this video......
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    This thread is full of win!!! Happy for you Mo!
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    Annie and I had a great time today. We met some new folks, ate some good food and enjoyed an awesome drive. Thanks John Chax
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    Fun drive, good to see so many out and starting the new year right.
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    Sounds awsome, I vote to leave it as is...... Besides, didn't you say a neighbor was making noise in front of your house or doing drive by's with their rice burner or something?
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    A better one after adjustments. IMG_1218.MOV
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    Sounds mean. FullSizeRender.mov IMG_1212.MOV
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    The hood made it on. Not much more to do, interior mostly.
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    A video was easier than pictures. No the ac is not near as noisy as it sounds on video. 😃 IMG_0829.MOV
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    Look who I spotted in Glendale this morning getting his parade car ready for the Glendale Christmas parade.
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    I've hauled balls more than once, in a bag.........with a putter, a woodie, and a rag to dry my balls after washing off the grass stains.
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