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    Seriously this project should only take an hour, I see it all the time on HGTV so I’m kind of an expert
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    I'm jealous. This is going to be a killer garage. S.C.
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    ^^^ Do they repair Corvettes? Too soon?
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    Every Cracker Barrel I've been to has a big round table, I think its just how they set up the restaurants in corporate fashion to be able to accommodate a larger party. Like I said, they are set up for this kind of thing Just a couple months ago when Little Tiny Momma Commish was here, I took her to CB for meatloaf (she loves the meatloaf mashed potatoes and green beans) and they had the big round table and I remember counting ten (we were next to it) they were loud enough and no one (other than my Mother) was complaining about it You guys are suffering from "analysis paralysis". No single place is ever going to be perfect, just go enjoy each other's company and accept that nothing and nowhere will ever be absolutely the perfect thing for everyone and every time.
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    Only non Z's have the change and it's 09+. Telling you all z06 axle backs and mid pipes are exactly the same.
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    I like the idea of CRACKER BARREL that JIM suggested. I’ve never been to one but hear the selection is wide and food is gerarally enjoyable!! Ill have my assistant look into meeting the above requirements you listed. Thanks Tom SLAMMER😎
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    Greetings! I am the Program Director for Hawthorn Court. The residents and staff very much enjoyed your visit on Saturday morning. They loved hearing the sound of revving engines, checking out the interior of the cars and talking with all of the owners. One person did say that she wished she had been able to drive a car! Thank you very much for your time and effort. It is truly appreciated! Heather Miller
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    Since the video is a hit, I'll forward it onto the place so they will be able to watch it. Maybe they'll be able to watch it in one of their theater rooms they have??? ANNND, maybe that staff member will get to see who Steve McQueen was!!!
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    I believe Donna schedules oil changes in her free time. She’s not cheep $ but very Thorough. SLAMMER😎
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    Resting a little after putting on my annual Moto Guzzi rally in Grand Marais, MN (south of Canada a few miles on Lake Superior) Weather by the lake was 47.... as witnessed by Louise in a parka from the B&B we stay at.
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    Correct, but old school engines would have other issues running at 220.
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    Good food & Great environment. Thumbs up from the family.
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    OMG, Tim posted! My LS3 runs about 195, unless I'm sitting in traffic with the A/C on, then gets up around 205/210. Don't know how that compares to your LS2. From experience with prior cars, I do recommend the cooler thermostat, and there is something with the computer that can be done to improve cooling. I had a LS1 years ago that was running hot and NicD did some tweaking with it and the heating problems vanished.
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    I'm staying at the same place.
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    I can't dream that big. lol
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    That is awesome, I would love to have a huge garage with a lift.
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    It will for sure be a few years before I even think of selling it. 🙂
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    What? 400 wheel hp in a C3 is going to be a great, great car. That's a lot of HP for that machine. Great job. Enjoy it. Modern technology in a beautiful car for less than 30 grand? That sounds like the ideal car to me.
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    Congrats! I know you have waited a long time for this to happen!
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    They're "cooking up" a fresh trophy for you!
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    C7 goes airborne at track.............. at 4:55 in
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