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    No rotating mirror ball?
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    Selling my 03 Zo6 race ready 6000 miles on motor and trans $17500
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    Nice!!! . . . and your GS is beautiful!
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    Planning breakfast cruise in at Campbell’s on pinnacle peak and 91st ave at 9:am. October 7 Sunday. Just visited this place today parking is good and patio seating will be best. Would love to see a big turn out hope to see you all there 4$ Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas btw lol.
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    Cordes Performance Racing in Tempe is also another good place for maintenance. @joe@cpr.com
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    Joyce and I will be happy to help you celebrate.
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    So sorry to hear this Bob. You have been one of the nicest person around here with all the help you have given to other people. You will be greatly missed by everyone. May God bless you as much as you have blessed others my friend.
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    Who the fuck invited Colin Kapernick to the unveiling? S.C.
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    I’ve had the same type of thing go on. The projects we’ve been doing in the last few months have called for different subs. I’ve picked up more empty soda cans, wrappers from lunch, cigarette butts, etc from the yards every time a sub left. I get so angry at the lack of respect just about all of them have for others property.
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    Here's a creeper fix for a "flower" with a fresh garage...............
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    No way - I started looking again last night. Those are EXPENSIVE. I did see a really hot one for sale - grey with black wheels and red seats. Out of my price range but I enjoyed looking at the pictures. A LOT. There are 2019s for 53k advertised. If I build one, I don’t get the lowered pricing I think. Plus just knowing im going to have to deal with the trade in fiasco with salesmen makes me want to wait until I have my battle attitude on. 😂
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    Van's service writer told me I needed to change ALL the fluids in my Vette without asking a single question about the car, and further advised me that the tires needed to be rotated. Canceled the appointment, and would never go to Van's for anything.
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    Ed Stralko is an ACE member but I don't know how often he is on here. He's not a mechanic, he was the assistant service manager and then got promoted to some other position but last I knew he was still at Coulter. He's been there 20+ years. I have had several of my Vettes to Coulter, and Ed always made sure things were done correctly. You can try sending him a PM on here. His ACE name is: 1EVILC6.
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    As with anything new, you gotta work out the bugs! thanks for taking the time and effort to provide us with ACE apparel feel better Robert. SLAMMER😎
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    I PM’ed those concerned. Id like to apologize, Due to health issues I wasn’t able to follow up on my shirt order. Then once I got them my order wasn’t complete! this was my 1st attempt at supplying these shirts to you all. Im in the process of straightening out future orders! Hang in there! I’ll get it right!!! Suprone
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    No, I take those off when I drive. I think the failure was caused by excessive use of WOT.
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    I refuse to participate unless there is a group participation trophy............ Still too soon?????
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