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    https://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature-Ultra-Plush-Microfiber-Towel%2C-Yellow%2C-16-in-x-16-in%2C-36-count.product.100356999.html. Good deal at Costco for microfiber towels. Don't know if I would use these for painted surfaces, but wheels, tires, exhaust tips, plastic a decent price for using a couple times then throw alway........
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    Thank you for the prompt referral. I just sent them a note giving them my details and told them ACE referred me. Francine sounds inspirational. It will be quite a drive from Sonoita, but sounds like it will be worth the trip.
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    Not news to anyone that tuning is available for these, but here is our test bed car for what we plan to offer for packages. We already make a very proven and popular 5'' cold air intake for the C7Z and we plan on having our ZR-1 version as well along with a few other products we make for other platforms we will be introducing ZR-1 variants. This is the baseline video of this car which is an A8 and will document this in a series of videos as well along with track times here in AZ with our lovely 3500+ DA
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    One of the best parts of this trip occurred as the second pack of cars was getting into Prescott and stopping at a traffic light. Some guy on the street yelled at us"Rich bunch of Bas#@rds! Do a burnout!"
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    Thanks for hosting this Mark! I think the folks that came out to see our cars really enjoyed their time out of the facility. Most of all, they enjoyed talking to all of us as much as I did chatting with them! Thanks again!
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    1st, wanted to say THANKS to those that showed up, had a lot of fun visiting with you all. When it started to get warm out they quit bringing people out. Must have been around 11 they quit I think. Everyone went their separate ways after that. There may be another one again so I'll let you all know if and when that is. I thought we'd have a few more cars like last time honestly. 6 cars wasn't to bad I guess.
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    For sure! When I turned onto my street yesterday afternoon, I went WOT and I nearly did a 360, she's got a little punch now.
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    Julie's car is now home. Everything works, including the blower motor and the engine purrs like a kitten. Going WOT the car just wants to go! No backfiring, no spit and sputtering, just pure sex. The brakes work way better too. We plan on taking it for a nice shakedown run Sat morning; just so Julie can see what her baby does. All that is left is a new paint job, new interior and a kick-ass stereo so we can listen to music over the sound of the sidepipes.
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    Classic, just like the TPS report cover sheet.
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    I like my middle finger more than your form Gary.
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    He is extremely knowledgeable. I wouldnt use him if he wasn't and the stuff I build holds a lot of records locally and nationally. He's very dry and to the point, wouldn't use anyone locally other than him. Not even if I made 100% more profit.
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    This is exactly why ACE exists man, no club BS and exclusivity agenda.
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    What a blast! The constant here was weather and company! I by no means have a show car but having the opportunity to cruise and hang out with great Vette folks! “ACE” Priceless! I especially enjoyed meeting Ron’s grandkids!(Vette R&D)! Diane, Pat, Mark, Ron, Ron and Paul Thanks for totally Repersenting what I think “ACE” is all about!
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    Excellent day, the show was nice and it was great visiting with ACE peeps. Mark, sorry you had drama going home. Thanks for the advice on routing to the east side!
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    On his 74th birthday, a man received a gift certificate from his wife. The certificate paid for a visit to a Medicine Man living on a nearby reservation who was rumored to have a wonderful cure for erectile dysfunction. After being persuaded, he drove to the reservation, handed his ticket to the Medicine Man, and wondered what he was in for. The Medicine Man handed a potion to him, and with a grip on his shoulder warned, "This is a powerful medicine. You take only a teaspoonful and then say 1-2-3. When you do, you will become more manly than you have ever been in your life, and you can perform as long as you want." The man was encouraged. As he walked away, he turned and asked, "How do I stop the medicine from working?" 'Your partner must say '1-2-3-4', he responded, "but be careful, for when she does, the medicine will not work again for another year." He was very eager to see if it worked so he went home, showered, shaved, took a spoonful of the medicine, and then invited his wife to join him in the bedroom. When she came in, he took off his clothes and said, "1-2-3!" Immediately, he was the manliest of men. His wife was excited and began throwing off her clothes, and then she asked, "What was the 1-2-3 for?" And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should never end our sentences with a preposition because we could end up with a dangling participle.
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    Just completed the biggest project in ridding my Vette of RED - the brake calipers. A HUGE to SLAMMER for the use of his lift and assistance with things requiring strength I don't have. Calipers were removed, disassembled, and cleaned. Hung up and painted. Reinstalled, brake system bled. The existing fluid was only a year old, and I was surprised how dark it was.
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    I've come to the conclusion that with any vehicle it's the luck of the draw that separates a good one from a bad one. I've been lucky picking vehicles and all have gone major miles with no major issues. Fingers crossed the tech gets your's sorted out once and for all!!!!
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    Success! Paint removal was ultimately accomplished with: lots of time, acetone, artist paint brush, cotton swabs, paper towels, lint free rag, and two "girl" tools - cuticle pusher and cuticle trimmer. Acetone repeatedly applied with the paint brush over a small area (keeping the area wet) until the surface started to absorb the acetone, then agitate the surface with first cotton swabs, then paper towels, then lint free rag with cuticle pusher. This resulted in some smearing and roughening of the surface. As surface started to become rough, gentle use of the cuticle trimmer enabled removal of tiny bits of paint. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. . . No damage to the dash material.
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    Progress with paint removal. I know, demerits for not pointing, but I needed both hands to take the picture...
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