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    New Look for our GS. NO MORE CHROME....! Restored GS wheels, done by https://www.phoenixrimrepair.com/ This company does awesome work. Need anything powdered coated they can do it. Wheels and tires mounted with this machine. Full ZR1 Spoiler kit. Centennial Edition Fender badges. Refinished rotors. New tires, Continental extremecontact, treadwear 340. Thanx for looking... Jeff -n- Donna
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    The world keeps getting faster..... Congrats!
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    Ran this yesterday. 2nd quarter mile pass in this setup still leaving off the foot brake and no ice in the air to water. We had 3 vettes run 8's yesterday at street car takeover as well.
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    I just use one of those blue pills and my antenna stays up too. Wait.... never mind, wrong thread
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    Thanx Robert, Had tons O' fun, really enjoyed meeting Mark and talking with him about Vetts in general, and his beauty 64... Mark, Very nice venue, and food was most excellent.....>! More pics to view. Jeff
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    I counted 19 Vettes and 1 Shelby! I think I counted 29 in the patio. Owners were so thankful and grateful we chose there establishment! Looking forward to the next one! And for those who didn’t/couldn’t show... last time we had breakfast there Owners we’re mustang people, cause of us they now own that Blue 64! Thanks all!
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    Great turnout, thank you Robert. Nice to meet some new vette club members and see some familiar ones, we had a great time. Not sure why half the white out on some photos? Never mind......
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    La Canasta And one Shelby!
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    A decent turnout. Good food and Vette folks!
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    Not mine. Dirty, covered with bugs and brake dust...
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    We will meet you there at 10.
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    I have my C5 with Corvette Museum some limitations but here in Ohio it works for me
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    So clean, that's the way we like it, so clean you can eat off it. So next BBQ are we eating off the engine....? Hee Hee....🍔🍟 Looks AWESOME...!
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    So happy with the way it came out.. Here is a before look on the wheels. I can not say enough good things about the company that restored the wheels for us. If anyone is looking for awesome quality, workmanship, and a company who genuinely cares about the customer, car and their wheels this company is the one to use. When it comes to balancing he does not use any cup or cones on the center of the wheel so the wheels are never touched, they use lug Centric studstyle adapter. A+++++++ # Express powder coat & wheel repair
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    That looks so good, that it seems almost too nice to drive.
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    Yes I can't wait to put them to the test. Like the way they look, research I did, they look to be a great tire, plus a tad sticky the touch.. Love the rain gutter's....>!
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    Happy Birthday Jimbo, enjoy!
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    I had a claim on a vintage motorcycle. Sent in the estimate and the check was in the mail.
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    I used Hagerty when I had my 66. They required a garage, other daily driver and had no mileage limit. We agreed on a replacement value should it be totaled or stolen.
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    FYI Most specialty insurance will require garages and other daily drivers. Some limit the usage or total mileage per year. I've used Hagerty with no issues too.
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    Julie and me are in.
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    Dammit!! I love this place too, last time was a blast. I am out of town this time
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    Heyyyyy awesome! We should be there. I have a brother flying in from Florida for the weekend, he will understand 😃 or come with us.
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    Susie and I will be there...no matter where it is! 😎
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    Borrowed this from another Vette site
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    Okay let's do Sunday the 17th then. I thought if most people wanted the 16th then I'd bow out and let you all have fun. 17th it is. I'll inform Heather about the date change and hope she's good with it. I'll post back when I find out either way.
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    Asking over on Facebook for date opinions would be like trying to herd cats. Pick a date and I will get it put up on Facebook. I agree with SUPRONE that it should be on a day when you can attend with Grape. . .
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    Engine and transmission and AC went in today. Lonnie does great work. It’s moving along nicely. And the plus side is I’m finally having decent car conversations now with him. I’ve learned a lot.
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    Hey Peeps, CHECK THE 1st POST! THIS HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO A LATER DATE. Hope you all can make it.
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    I hear you. My pull up kitchen sink nozzle hose decided to leak today and the doggone water shutoff valve under the sink is stripped and the quick disconnect hose is frozen. UUUGGHH!
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