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    Does anyone else think that stuff like this makes you wonder what websites John U visits?
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    Kerbeck on the Corvette Forum is putting on an on-line car show and you need to post up to 3 pictures of your car if you want to enter. If not, could you maybe see if you could log in and hit the "LIKE" button on my post please? I'm using the latest pictures Logan did of my car recently. My post number is 33 and it will close to new pictures on March 2nd and close for voting on March 4th. Appreciate any likes you give me...lol Link: Kerbeck On-Line Car Show
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    After a few minor setbacks that I will NOT put in writing, it’s about done. The seats need to be bolted down and the rear aligned and a couple adjustments to the carburetor. IMG_2847.MOV
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    This is awesome!!! I would love to participate, but I will be at the NHRA Arizona Nationals that day... NOTE: The Chuckbox has great burgers...
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    You know when it comes to work, life seems to be in slow motion. But personal time away from work flies by so damn fast I can’t keep up... Let me see if we can get something planned for early March...
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    So if anyone wants to call or text, my number is 480-570-7957 or office is 480-962-0000. 😃
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    Thanks all for the compliments. Hey Donna, I seem to have the same issue, too many cars and not enough room since I bought the Maroon 65 396 Roadster from a guy in Portland back in November. Pic attached and as usual, the hood's up :-O. Mike T - Prescott AZ
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    me too! I love the drive to Gila Bend. Dawg in case you don’t know, yours is an icon event. Father’s Day ride too.
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    We were there 9:30 until close today. Stood in line at the Chevy display for 20 minutes, filled out their questionnaire, and received a shirt with C8 logo on front. I took over 200 photos and will create an album. I will add a link as soon as I get pics uploaded and album created.
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    I have a killer sound system now. Kill switch, line lock, USB ports, he put every modern day convenience in here. If you have a c3, you know how hard it is to pull up the hatches. He took care of that too.
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    After being on the Mustang dyno does it have a tendency to pull towards any crowd along the side of the road?
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    It might not play on Windows 98
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