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    Welcome! If you are interested: Corvette Night at Scottsdale Pavilions is every 1st Saturday of the month. Corvettes start showing up at 2:00pm and it goes on all evening. Corvettes & Caddies group meet is every 3rd Saturday morning at 7:00am-11:00am at Bourbon St Wraps in Chandler
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    And were back.... that's more like it. GO PENS!!!
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    Did you get wonder women’s autograph while you were taking pictures of her airplane ???
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    Nice work fresh tarring around a Lear! That crack is probably in the plane as well. Nice find Gary!
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    W T F happened tonight? It's their ass on Sunday. Go pens
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    Is it that time of year again!!
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    Add my wife and I to the list.
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    Sounds good.. Spent many a day at the fountain in high school getting drunk by the lake playing frisbee golf..Hee Hee. Put Jeff N Donna down for a maybe, our daughter is getting married Friday so we need to see how we feel...
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    I used about 3/4 of a tank yesterday. Didn't whomp on it very hard this run. . .
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    A great mod for the regular body cars is a wide booty. The factory wide rear fenders aren't that expensive to add. You can get some reproduction wheels to fit and have a great looking setup. That or lower it which does make it look sleek IMO. That and black out the halo.
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    I've owned my C6 for a little over a month now. I love it. Love, love, love. It is an LS2, and I would have liked to have the LS3, but I can live with that decision easily due to the cost savings when I bought the car. However, after driving it, I find that I often wish I had the GS. That would be the ONLY change I would make to my car. The little wide-body ... something about it really makes the car massively impressive on the road. It is a not-so subtle difference, but the widebody is truly the one I wish I could get. But, then again, the price difference would have put it out of my range, so I didn't. I got the car of my dreams at my price point, and something I'm able to drive every day and not have to baby it.
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    I give thumbs up to Joe for installing the shifter on Thursday morning, after a three hour drive from Safford. We made a quick shopping trip. Headed home. Thanks Joe 😎
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    From there it's going to be personal taste etc. I always liked the wide body of the GS, Z06 & ZR1 over the base but having the LS3 is a big plus while also avoiding the problems the '05 brings to the table. The reason I posted that is ~$7k difference for a much better car that won't match Busa straight line performance, but will make a great cruiser while being very fast and over engineered compared to a base C6. You couldn't match the Z with double the investment in a C6 and it'll probably hold value better as well.
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    Youd be surprised. We thought so too until we talked with the builder. They’re going to use part of our driveway as the 2 car extension. Because the current 2 car is sideways and the 1 car is straight forward, they only had to put up 2 walls and a roof that ties into both and voila, a 5 car. We are in a tract home development but the HOA as well as the city are fine with it. Im including a picture of my house so you can see it’s not hard to bridge the 2 with an additional 2 spaces. The window to the right is a playroom conversion, so we just knock out that wall.
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    Our build was put on hold 😡. For good reason though. We finally settled on a contractor to extend our garage and can’t have anything in the existing garage for obvious reasons while it’s being added on to. Starting on the engine will leave it immobile for a couple of months. The price for the extension is awesome and less than everyone and because they’re extending it by 2 more bays (only adding 2 walls and a roof), it will end up combining my existing kids playroom (1 car garage conversion being put back to garage) and the existing 2 car garage. It’s going to be 5 spaces which will leave us much room for car mods. So back to storage the vette goes and we will continue in June or July. The nicest part of all of this is that the existing playroom has an AC. Which means once our garage is done and the playroom becomes a bay in the garage, the entire garage is going to have AC. 😃
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    Use white vinegar to remove water spots, aka calcium. It only removes the spot and not any of the surrounding clear coat.
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    I just moved over to the Biltmore area this weekend- but I do want to drop it off and have it looked at.
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    He’s so mean. He put his wheel on mine just to check for size. I want those wheels. 😡 The back end is about done. We can’t move forward with the A/C and engine until we have a date that the garage addition is going to start being built.
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    Lonnie has built more than several cars. He’s been doing his own work for 35 years other than the paint. He knows this stuff well. This is his latest.
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    Put Rose and I down for this one. Lew
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