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  1. Yesterday
  2. aenigma

    A crossfire is running WHAT?!

    I’ll try posting again.
  3. Extender32

    Help with ACE email notifications

    I just think its been operator error all along.
  4. Last week
  5. mrhusker

    Got More Purple & Ride Stuff

    I remember those days too. My dad had a service station so I got wheels and tires at his cost. Went through a lot of them. Can't afford to with prices like they are these days though.
  6. DieselGuyAZ

    Welcome to ACE Aiden

    Welcome from Anthem
  7. DieselGuyAZ

    Welcome to ACE DrJ

    Welcome from Anthem
  8. DieselGuyAZ

    Welcome to ACE JL20C8

    Welcome from Anthem
  9. DieselGuyAZ

    Welcome to ACE LAGS13

    Welcome from Anthem
  10. DieselGuyAZ

    Pictures from Phil's in Fountain Hills

    Wow was that two AMC AMX's? or a Javelin? Those aren't to common.. Always liked the Panteras.. even though has ford motor..
  11. DieselGuyAZ

    Members user names and real names

    Chuck & Madison, 1982 Restomod 509CI 6-Speed manual, Patriot Red Pearl
  12. P51tj

    Tucson corvette mechanic?

    Buccaneer may be able to shed some light here, might reach out to him. he is a member here so click on his name and send him a message.
  13. azmattaz520

    Welcome to ACE azmattaz520

    I have a 92 Vette, I have a random issue that makes the car idle rough and hesitate from a stop but only when the check engine light is on, replaced a bunch of parts, fuel pump, ground strap, IAC, MAP, MAF, plug wires, injectors, Optispark, I’m probably missing something else, but anyway nothing has helped.
  14. DieselGuyAZ

    Welcome to ACE Richard dietrich

    Welcome Richard I'm new too.. can't wait to go-to an event..
  15. Aiden

    Stock C5 parts for sale

    Hi Ted, Im a little late to this but is the air box still for sale?
  16. Thank you Chad for a great time. Love cruising with all of you.
  17. thread from the dead...the torque app seems to give me a pretty accurate boost measurement w procharger kit with a ls9 map sensor installed.
  18. Anyone have a procharged C7 with one of the MightyMouse Wild catch cans? I'm looking to see a correct example of how the Wild can is installed with a procharger kit. Thanks! If curious my pain can be felt here.. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c7-forced-induction-nitrous/4536346-rear-main-seal-replacement.html
  19. Lurch

    One wasn't good enough...

    BEST of luck!
  20. HarleyPat

    Prescott All Corvette Car Show

    Happy to add you to the list!😎
  21. JL20C8

    Stock C8 Z51 Wheels for sale

    Ok, I want to see them Monday,today I will give you a call when I’m headed that way.
  22. Earlier
  23. Buccaneer


    Got the T-shirt!
  24. P51tj

    Happy Birthday, Jester

    Happy Birthday to ya!
  25. P51tj

    Sad day in Wikieup

  26. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE DieselGuyAZ

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  27. Blondevette

    Welcome to ACE LeadFoot

    Welcome From Litchfield Park!
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