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  2. For Sale 2 each front 245x40x18 and 2 each 265x35x19 Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires, only 8k miles, great shape and plenty of tread remaining. Asking $300 OBO Call Jeff at 810-441-7637
  3. C6 Coolant T

    If I remember correct 3/8 3/8 and 1/4 J/S
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hoping to attend this event. Need to learn how to remove the "swirls" caused by the dealer "shining it up" for delivery.
  6. Gila Bend BBQ shirts - ORDER BY FEB 28th!

    Ill take 1 Ice Grey XXL - Thanks
  7. Ammo 7.62X39

    Got some extra ammo. Brown Bear, TulAmmo. Looking to sell 1000 rounds of each. For ACE holes only, $200 bucks per 1000. They are fmj, 122 and 123 grain. Local pick up or meet locally.
  8. Last week
  9. Well the GS died

    Yup, a quick switch of the luggage and we were off. Vettte sat dead in the driveway.
  10. Corvettes & Caddies - Feb 2018

    Well, I've now spent a couple of hours looking at your other videos - great stuff! If I get insomnia tonight, I'll know how t keep busy, trying to see the rest of them - see you at the next event.
  11. Mild to Wild Switch

    LOL. FCC and Jay Leno approved. S.C.
  12. '57 Block for sale

    1957 283 block bored out to 327 and a 327 forged crank $800 OBO Posting this for a friend that isn't all that great with computers. He has a '57 block for sale as well as a 327 forged crank. From the research I've done it could be for a '57 Vette or just a '57 Chevy. This is a 283 block that at one point was bored out to 327. He did take it down to a machine shop and have it checked out. They said that the block has no cracks and this is when he learned that it was already bored out to 327. The shop he took it to is Outlaw Race Engines here in Phoenix. He also has a 327 forged crank that he took in with it to have it tested. They cleaned it up and verified that it is balanced. I have pictures attached of both as well as the numbers off of each. He is asking $800 OBO for both. If there is anymore info you need or if you need specific pictures of either just let me know and i will make sure i get them posted for you. Also i posted this here because of the possibility of it being a Corvette block. If it needs to get moved to the garage sale section please do so. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking!
  13. Sweetheart Show this Sunday

    I kept going back to take another look at it but the owner asked me to go away since I was drooling so much! 😅
  14. Every Day Random Picture Thread

    Happy to say I donated the shirts that required them when I retired.
  15. Happy Birthday Dawg!

    Happy late bday Bbq master.
  16. Happy Birthday Buccaneer!

    Hey Tom! Happy Happy!
  17. Stock air cleaner insanity on my C5

    Persistence wins!
  18. teh Gila Bend BBQ 3/10/2018

    On the main forums page, there’s a donate button at the bottom. It’s new!
  19. Desert Sands Corvettes Car Show

    Yesteryear's poke in the eye is now a joke. Long story. You have a PM. . .
  20. Now titled "Corvettes & Caddies" continues

    Very nice, thanks for sharing! Badbob, yer looking good!
  21. 1975 Corvette (700hp Monster)

    I found the content of this video much more engaging than most of your other videos. Although that's just me, I like seeing cars in action rather than some one talking about them. Don't get me wrong I love talking cars... in person, anyways your series seems to be doing well, good on you. I don't know how much time you spend editing, but you turn these videos out quickly, and I can appreciate that. If you ever want to try and get some more action oriented video let me know I have a go pro, OBDII reader, DSLR, and a chase car. I love shooting video, just not editing it.
  22. C6 CENTER CONSOLE/CUP HOLDER INSULATOR COMBO. $15.00. You can reach me at 602-843-9882
  23. C6 CORVETTE SEAT BELT SHOULDER PADS WITH DUAL LOGOS. $20.00 You can reach me at 602-843-9882
  24. SSBM door handles

    This came out of my 2011 GS. You can reach me at 602-843-9882. $45.00
  25. Llyods GS Ultimat

    These came out of my 2011 GS. No stains or tears. $90.00. You can reach me at 602-843-9882
  26. Llyods GS cargo mat

    This came out of my 2011 GS. No stains or tears. $85.00. You can reach me at 602-843-9882
  27. I need feedback on a Payson luncheon

    It will be be hot but less hot than the Valley. Likely mid 90's give/take. Maybe monsoony in July, too. For Payson places the Buffalo has pretty good bar food and a giant parking lot next to it. If you really want good food do the extra 15 minutes and go to Pine to the Old County Inn. The drive is great and it will be if not the best pizza you ever had at least in your top 5. Only issue is it gets crowded because it's that damn good. If you're going as a group in the summer on a weekend be there at 11 when they open. As far as the Sidewinders suggestion they shut the doors the week before Christmas. However... it is being renovated/reopened as a new bar/grill by the owner of the Old County Inn. Supposed to reopen in April and based on the food at Old County I bet it's gonna be awesome.
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