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  2. Extender32

    Tonneau not latching properly

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  5. NativeAz

    2020 Barrett-Jackson

    Thanks for sharing the photos! Really beautiful cars. We wanted to attend Bonhams & RM, but too many other things to do this week.
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  7. az57chevy

    Bartone Mantide at Worldwide Auctioneers

    You buy it and I'll squeeze you in!

    ISO exhaust C5

    Looking to buy a used exhaust for a C5 corvette.. Zo6 exhaust will work... or any aftermarket ones.. like magma flow,corsa. Etc.. please Message me!!
  9. We recently wrapped up our first glide swap in a C7, while we have done this swap in c5/6's before this was the first for a C7. This car originally came to us with a blower, headers, meth making a claimed 900 rwhp and running slower than a stock C7Z here does in AZ. We got it down to a 9.3 with stock internals, and than it kept evolving into what you see now. This car has the following setup from us. 427 sleeved LTX CID heads F1x CPR air to water system Fore fuel system Crawford port injection w/ LME manifold 15'' conversion RPM glide/9'' conversion 8.5 cage tillet seats arh 2-2 1/8 headers Combo runs on ignite 114 and still retains everything like stock. AC, backup camera, etc. This first outing looking at the log the customer shifted the 1/2 at 7100 rpm and this combo we setup to run out to 8k rpm so with more seat time and bumping up the timing (we left it low to creep up on it) this car should be right where our C5 shop car is at a 8.0-8.1 at 169-171 If anyone has questions or is looking to do a build like this or even not to this level we have the ability, drive, and passion to get you there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9qUtvkVsdY
  10. mrhusker

    All Corvette Car Show

    Well, since you put it that way, I will attend so count me in. Glad to hear they have a road opened up just for me, they must have heard me bitching last year....😁 I'll get that registration sent it today when I go to work.
  11. Chameleon

    Annie's Birthday

    ^^^ What he said!
  12. JohnU

    Styart Drooling ** Barrett-Jackson preview

    Yes, I ordered a clear "NFL" bag the exact size B-J specify with strap for $6.00 on Amazon.
  13. SixAddict

    February ACE Cruise and Lunch - Dwarf Car Museum

    I'm in. Was pretty cool place and the food wasn't bad either.
  14. No, they’re just annoying. They chopped main branches from my tree, park their cars 3 thick into the street. They probably like the noise 😂
  15. Extender32

    Every Day Random Picture Thread

    This too.I spotted this beauty at the roadrunner car show this morning
  16. Chameleon

    1981 Corvette - Manuel T-top

    To advertise on this forum, you must post an asking price. Please post your price. Thank you.
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  18. Yates

    Window Valet for C6 Corvette

    It is for C6 corvette, 2005 to 2013. The image with yellow corvette is a stock photo of a c5 from website.
  19. Blk n Blu

    C3 front sway

    Is it possible to shim down front sway on the frame without any main issues? The after market aluminum radiator outlet is hitting the sway. I would like to get down a 1/4, 1/8 would work. Thank’s
  20. Eddie44

    Happy Birthday John Ledger

    Happy Birthday!
  21. C6 corvette custom center console lid. $40
  22. C6 Z06 Corvette front and rear sway bars. $270 cash
  23. Bring your Corvette to Z06 or ZR1 performance! I am selling a complete C6 Corvette Intercooled supercharger system removed from a 2008 Corvette. Has less than 20K miles on it. The system is an upgraded polished Vortech V3-T trim. It is a Self contained supercharger, does not use engine oil and drain back lines. It is a intercooled system, comes with everything do complete installation including fuel injectors, ECU re-programmer, ducts, radiator support, and other parts needed to install into 2005-2012 C6 Corvette. Two pulleys comes with the system, you can run anywhere from 500 HP all the way up to 700HP. This kit sells on Summit for over $7000 with all the upgrades! If this ad is still up, it is available. Low ballers will be ignored, willing to consider trades. $4500 cashIncludes:Vortech install manualDiablosport / Vortech programmer with datalogingVortech V3-T trim Polished supercharger head unitPolished Mount bracket with tensionerAir inlet with K&N FilterAll the discharge and intercooling tubing, connectors, clamps8 Fuel injectors 66LBRadiator shroud assemblyCrank Pin kitBelt3.6 and 4.0 pulleyAir filter
  24. Yates

    Z06 Oil cooler

    I have a good Z06 Corvette oil cooler for sale. $180
  25. I have a set of c6 LG pro exhaust for sale. Large tube, long tube headers and sounded amazing. It was removed from my corvette when returning back to stock. It is setup with the larger 3" Z06 bi mode mufflers. $700 cash
  26. JohnU

    Hooters Car Show Series starts this weekend

    Or course this was a tongue and cheek post about the entering aspect. 😁 I was in Chicago years ago and tripped onto one. In talking to the car owners I found they were very serious about it!
  27. German

    Cars and Coffee- Scottsdale

    Either is available normally. https://www.scuderiasouthwest.com/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=531885&module_id=359039
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