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  2. Extender32

    Finally building (and tearing down) the 77

    Too much power or driver error, or both.
  3. Last week
  4. NativeAz

    Mecum Dallas 2020 auction - C8 sold for $100K

    Three others sold for ~107K...
  5. 94transamgt

    Kinda Sad Day

    That's awesome, congrats to him as well.
  6. Earlier
  7. Chameleon

    ACE Window Decals

    PM sent...
  8. theChad

    Great Shell Commercial

    I got goose pimples watching that. I also fixed the link for the fancy embedding.
  9. aenigma

    December 11, Track night, bring your Vette!

  10. NativeAz

    Club decal

    ACE window decals
  11. Chameleon

    Prescott Burger Run Sat 10 Oct

    Thanks Nate, but even if you were serious it is against the Ten Commandments of Corvette to ever loan one to another person... Congrats on the impending new arrival! I am OUT for this cruise, don't have a car. 😖 Enjoy a burger for me...
  12. Cindy

    C6 taillights

    Like new taillights off a 2009 C6. Asking 100.00 obo. They all have tabs and no scratches.
  13. Vet65te

    '63 - '67 Midyears

    Steve, Welcome to ACES - Fill us in on your Midyear and don't be shy about posting pics. I'm a bit north of you in Prescott but I'm sure you'll hear from your local ACES members about get-togethers in your area. Every year around this time, the local Prescott Vette Sette put's on a Corvette-Only Show around Courthouse Square and the count is typically around 250 cars but unfortunately, this years event was cancelled. Mike T - Prescott AZ
  14. P51tj

    And the Cradle will no longer rock

    Well put and I will keep an ear out to the heavens...
  15. P51tj

    1986 Monte Carlo SS OEM T-Top handles for sale

    I had the Olds version....beauty ride for sure!
  16. JohnU

    ACE @

    A solvent based concrete sealer would help.
  17. Desertdawg

    You all need to get some for our next cruise!

    No hammock for me, I would suffocate. A kilt might be a possibility... I would help with those pesky
  18. SixAddict

    Car Show October 10th

    This showed up on the big forum, for those interested........
  19. aenigma

    Here’s how bored we were today

    a must.
  20. aenigma

    C5 Corvette Extra USB Charging Ports

    That’s neat!
  21. HOXXOH

    • HOXXOH
    • Chameleon

    JFYI, Tuesday Sept 29th is an unofficial and previously unannounced ladies day at the Geezer luncheon, that was spontaneously approved by a committee of 3 geezers during the late stages of a Saturday night gathering. It is only available to those who have either attended sometime in 2020 or is the spouse of a regular attendee. This exclusive offer will not be repeated this month.

    Attendees expected are:




    Julie ??

    ??? surprise guest

    and: YOU are invited.

    RSVP not required/recommended

    1. Chameleon


      I shall do my best to attend!

  22. aenigma

    Drag Racing Fast List

    thank you! ———————- and in response to some of the earlier mean spirited comments I’ve read, how about only active members and past active members make posts. You know, people who actually have shown up at a point and got to know the members. All the bragging in the world doesn’t matter when most don’t know you and have never met you, and all you ever talk about is how fast you are. I enjoy hoxxoh and Mrs Hoxxoh’s company, and Buccaneer and a lot of other members here. I love hearing about what they’re doing, and love seeing them and talking about cars, along with a ton of other
  23. mrhusker

    Porsche Meet Four Til Four

    WOW, now that's....that's.....purple. Kinda scary purple. Umm, nope, not me. I wouldn't admit it anyway if it was me....you know that!
  24. CrimsonNCream

    Run to the River - Saturday November 7th

    Everyone Please Check Current Update!
  25. HOXXOH

    Think twice before stealing a car in Mexico

    I'm afraid to ask who it was that sent it. No, don't answer that. I really don't want to know.
  26. Desertdawg


    28 Days starring Sandra Bullock
  27. Ericshere03

    Fiberglass Corvette 99 to 2003 - For Sale

    I may be interested , I have Machine Silver (2004) so I’ll need to paint it I guess. Still have it ?
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