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  1. Today
  2. Extender32

    ACE Upgrades

  3. JohnU

    Trying To Lose Weight

    Great time to detail the front of the engine compartment. Water pump took a $hit?
  4. Shakti Vette

    C6 Stainless Billy Boat Exhaust $400

    Pictures Please....🤔

    Updated: Ammo - .380 Auto

    Dawg is still digging through the couch for the cash. It's a slow process, since the friends he invites over, have converted most of their bills to autopay and use paypal for the rest.
  6. Surefire XC1-A Ultra-compact Pistol Light for sale. Light output: 200 Lumens New in box, never used. Opened box and inserted batteries to insure it is functioning. Cost new: $269.99 Asking $200.00 Reasonable offers considered.
  7. Yesterday
  8. JohnU

    Anyone shopping for a new C7 right now?

    39,000 miles on a C7. The damm tires worn out at 35,000 (cord showing) Problems zero....... with any car it's the "luck of the draw". You only hear about the bad ones and rightly so, the factory needs to take care of those owners. I've had a C3 for 28 years. Problems.... dried out factory grease and A/C seals.
  9. SixAddict

    Drag Racing Fast List

    Great work guys, that's awesome. They sound sick, in a good way....wow.
  10. Desertdawg

    Happy Birthday Dawg

    I’m getting slower as I get older. Thanks ya’ll. I had a good day.
  11. Blk n Blu

    Happy Birthday FNBADAZO6

    Happy belated Vic!
  12. Blk n Blu

    Happy Birthday Big Tom

    Happy belated Tom!
  13. Blk n Blu

    Happy Birthday Buccaneer

    Happy belated Tom!
  14. Last week
  15. Chameleon

    ACE Detail Day

  16. Shakti Vette

    C6 Full Length Rear Spoiler

  17. az57chevy

    Sweetheart Show

    The Impala with trip's was sweet
  18. Yeah but watch out for Deer. LOL Maybe Dawg should offer up his address for all the non complaint Vetts?
  19. mrhusker

    Chandler Harley Davidson Car/Bike Show Jan. 26, 2019

    Never mind.....lol
  20. I don't do that facebook thing so I didn't/couldn't put it there, sorry. Glad you didn't go.
  21. Chameleon

    Julies 78' New Engine ***UPDATE***

    Second time's the charm???
  22. My Son has a bandsaw for sale. He will bring it up from Sierra Vista if interested. https://sierravista.craigslist.org/tls/6820901990.html
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