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  1. Yesterday
  2. y2krtaf

    New grill

    Glad to hear it’s all fixed back up!!
  3. Terry Stewart

    Escape the Heat Cruise - Saturday August 8th

    Count me in
  4. Last week
  5. Please reference you avater… LOL …. j/k. I know, I know!
  6. Chameleon

    Official who did I see thread

    Yeller C6 vert with a black top and black racing stripes southbound on Estrella Parkway / Roosevelt at noon today...
  7. $695 Set of wheels and tires off of my 93. Wheels are all 17x9.5. I had the inset part of them powder coated gun metal grey and had new clear coat put over it. The powder coat looks awesome. The clear coat has some imperfections that you really only see if you get up close to them in the sunlight. Tires are Nitto 555 G2 and have around 1,000 miles on them. Fronts are 275/40/17 and rears are 285/40/17. Pics can be seen in my CL ad. stanger02@hotmail.com https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/wto/d/fountain-hills-c4-corvette-wheels-and/7132684508.html
  8. Blk n Blu

    Spotted in East Mesa

    Obvious he is just special...
  9. SixAddict

    C6 sway bars FREE

    These have been taken. Gone, gone. Please close thread.
  10. JohnU

    Tuesday Geezer Lunch at Coco's

    Ah, come-on..... Take a few photo's for your lug nuts and exhaust tips!
  11. theChad

    New to corvette world

    Welcome from Peoria!
  12. P51tj

    C8's are here!

  13. P51tj

    I ❤️ My Vette!

    Beauty eh!
  14. Earlier
  15. Desertdawg

    96 Corvette B pillar Weatherstripping

    When I had my C3 I used Corvette Rubber and was very happy with the fit.
  16. 94transamgt

    C6 Z06 A/C and air damn plastic repair

    1.3 pounds is about the total capacity, so you appear to be losing all of your freon, you have a leak! The leak could be at the compressor, but usually it's around the shredder valve, and could be a simple fix. Have a shop add UV die and locate the leak, before you replace the compressor. The body shop could be a good bet for the air damn install, I'm not sure what setup the Z has, the base is an easy install.
  17. 1jester

    2002 C5 for sale

    A friend of mine is selling his 2002 c5 , 2 targa roofs and 40k miles. It is silver and been garaged several years. Kelley blue book $12-$15,000 but he will sell it for 14,000 and for Ace members 13 five. Instant message me and I will give you his phone number. It’s an automatic.,And in very good condition.
  18. Kathy and I are in. See you in Wickenburg @ 9:15 on the 13th.
  19. Desertdawg

    What I did on Covid-19 Vacation

    Looks great
  20. HarleyPat

    2020 Prescott All Corvette Show

    Driving up Saturday morning for anyone who wants to head up the back way. 😎
  21. HOXXOH

    A loser hit and run

    Are you at liberty to say what was the bad thing you did that caused this karma? Oh wait, I really don't think I want to know.
  22. Chameleon

    Hennessey C8 breaks 200 MPH

    Yes and no. Definitely yes for high-speed. But, maybe they want bumpy uneven pavement for testing of traction during routine driving?
  23. Chameleon

    Escape the Heat Cruise

    Cruise to Flagstaff for lunch via the backroads. See here for details and to sign up! https://www.arizonacorvetteenthusiasts.net/topic/30949-escape-the-heat-cruise-saturday-august-8th/
  24. Blacknight

    My new baby

    Greetings from the Gila Valley!! Great looking color. Drive it like you stole it. No garage queen. I drive my black 07 daily😎
  25. HOXXOH

    Hertz Z06's

    Several years ago (maybe 2010) a woman in either NC or SC bought an '08 Hertz car with about 50K miles on it. Don't remember what she paid though. She drove it daily for her job and racked up somewhere around 273K miles before she sold it about 2016-17. IIRC she said she only spent around $1000 for repairs and sold it for about $15K to someone in FL. Do a search on C6 general at corvetteforum.com for the whole story. So if you buy one to actually drive vs admire in your garage, $60K is still a good deal for what was a $90K car a year ago. Hertz buys large quantities (500 in '08) identically loaded cars after the end of a model year run. Volume pricing plus higher assembly line speed when they are identical and run in one batch while the rest of the factory is cleaning up and prepping for the next MY, makes for some smoking deals for both GM and Hertz.
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