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  2. JohnU

    Wecome to ACE Firstyearc6

    Welcome 1st6, where you from?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Azrsx12345

    Wecome to ACE Azrsx12345

    Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. I ordered a new harmonic balancer from summit and the arp bolt as well. I think when I had my 99 camaro I used Top Gear Motorsports for a repair but I’m not 100% certain. I think I have read some good things about Classic Gold while reading through some threads.
  5. theChad

    Back in the saddle again

    Nice! Welcome back! The saddle fits nicely!
  6. JohnU

    C3 seat recommendation needed

    Excellent, that gas pedal will now hit the firewall.
  7. Thanks, ACEFolks. I'm glad to see good reviews on Shane's work. I'll contact him.
  8. Last week
  9. Lurch


    Thanks, very good to know. I am close by to it
  10. JohnU

    90 yr old Vet buys 2021 Vette

    There is a "senior" on Corvette Forum, Harvey T. Gluck. He usually trades new Vettes twice a year and has for years and years! He likes the thrill of a new car every 6 months or so.
  11. 73sbVert

    A few things for sale

    Asking $250 (normally ~$300, various vendors online), plus shipping if not in Tucson. Depending on which weekend, I may be able to get it as far as Casa Grande where my kiddo lives. Still new in the bag! Let me know! Paul
  12. Chameleon

    Happy Birthday to Da CMSH!

    OMG, that looks like a chicken-fried pork chop! If that's what it is, WHERE did you get it around here??????
  13. Chameleon

    Are you more a lefty or a righty ?

    At the moment I am a righty, but the pic is obsolete. New sig pic pending. . .
  14. until
    Not organized by ACE, but is an opportunity to get out and see cars of all types! Weekly event on the Southwest Corner of 67th Avenue and Bell Road.
  15. Chameleon

    Is there anything new in this section?

    Dawg, you know YELLER rules... Paul, yes, please share! We are always interested to see and hear about Vette projects! There is also a "modification and builds" section here on the forum where you can start a thread for your Vette project if you want. .
  16. mrhusker

    Local Gatherings

    Tomorrow night is the one in Mesa, every Saturday evening. Hampton & Power. Probably going to be a little wet though.
  17. mrhusker

    Chandler Cars & Coffee - Anyone Going?

    Looks like I'm out and I started this thread....sorry. Just got a call and the pool repairman is coming in the morning. Probably going to be wet anyway.
  18. az57chevy


    I have no issue getting to the site but I use a different protection scheme. Willis is straight up so doubt if he is running a scam.
  19. P51tj

    Wecome to ACE 73sbVert

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  20. Desertdawg

    The Day "Grape Ape" Came Into Our Lives.....

    See, I told you
  21. 73sbVert

    MGW Shifter for a C7

    I had one on my C6 (2007). Pretty simple install, and made a world of difference!! Paul
  22. 1jester

    Wecome to ACE We Bad 1

    Welcome from north Phoenix
  23. corvettech

    I Finally Got It!

    I dig that color, good driving through the snow, I would have chickened out.
  24. Desertdawg

    Where can I get my black wheels pinstriped?

    You have to share pictures when you get it done. Or else,
  25. Excellent condition with original instruction manual, remote and power cord. Not used much as I never have TV service and only watch movies occasionally. $150 OBO, you pick up in Goodyear.
  26. Chameleon


    Charlie, your C3 looks great! Have you taken it out on any cruises yet?
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