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  2. aenigma

    engine builders

    WFO just did my husband’s. He did a great job.
  3. Pair of 100% operable Stock C6 Headlights assembly’s Bulbs included will sell for 405$ or Trade for equal or greater value 100% water tight If serious can test prior to purchase. All packaged and ready to ship if needed as well. 623-six28-eight768 -Mike
  4. rkek414

    Pavilions tomorrow night?

    We are going up now. We have our yellow vette
  5. Desertdawg

    C8 Public Release Date

    I think the tech was different between the ZR1 and the duramax. People were really working hard at HP to get into them. Now if I wanted to tune my ‘17 the minimum cost is over $4500 just to have HP unlock the to computers.
  6. Desertdawg

    Cars and Coffee 4-6-19

    Never mind. Mine was lighter.
  7. Desertdawg

    ACE @

    I slowed down to 107 once. It was scary going that slow
  8. TheCMSH

    Costco micro fiber towels.

    Joe posted!!!!
  9. TheCMSH

    Hand Car Wash Recommendations

    That was a sad day when they closed, they had been there so long. I've been thinking of checking out this place, driven by many times and I've seen them hand washing https://www.lindstromautowash.com 30th St & Indian School
  10. az57chevy

    Cars & Coffee Hosted by Scuderia Southwest

    This was cancelled by the sponsors for at least this month.
  11. Last week
  12. Eddie44

    ARGH %$@#&%!!! Red Paint

    Sharon, my son used to live in Sonoita. I will assure it it’s worth the trip. They live in Sierra Vista now. If it worked out timing wise I’d even offer to deliver it to you on one of our many trips to see the kids.
  13. joe@cpr.com

    CPR Project ZR-1 has begun!!

    Not news to anyone that tuning is available for these, but here is our test bed car for what we plan to offer for packages. We already make a very proven and popular 5'' cold air intake for the C7Z and we plan on having our ZR-1 version as well along with a few other products we make for other platforms we will be introducing ZR-1 variants. This is the baseline video of this car which is an A8 and will document this in a series of videos as well along with track times here in AZ with our lovely 3500+ DA
  14. Dan K.

    04 dash lights

    I had the same issue and fixed it myself. there are two types of lights in that controller. there are about 14 lights that just provide elimination to the controller and there are LED's that light up to indicate which buttons you have pushed. I am in the middle of a move right now but if you like to know the places where I got the bulbs let me know and I will try to find that for you.
  15. theChad

    C5 Various Items For Sale

    Yes, I still have it. PM me what you're thinking.
  16. Dan K.

    FREE: C5 air filter assembly

    You have just what I need to get my air filter back to stock. I know you have had a lot of responses already so it may be gone by now but never hurts to ask. Thanks so much, Dan
  17. Yes. I used automotive custom lighting in Peoria. Each car is unique in the amt time to get the lenses apart, but mine was 400 labor and still have to take it back since the gaskets are not seated well. You might just consider all new LED lights. Paid like $230 on eBay for great lenses and gaskets. Don't use RL Brown BTW. Terrible seller.
  18. Footsam

    2019 Prescott Vette Sette Car Show

    We are staying Saturday night at Hassayampa Inn, looking forward to a good time in downtown Prescott!
  19. Geezers chowing today! According to the dashboard, I used my 1,000th gallon of gas today. At 40,692 miles traveled, that works out to 40.7 miles per gallon! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! 😉
  20. Shakti Vette

    2010 ZR1 3ZR with CPR Treatment!

    Sorry to hear, hope it all works out I would hate to have to see you get rid of the machine, cuz it is quite awesome!😖
  21. Blk n Blu

    So I went just south of Vegas

    Very cool James!
  22. theChad

    Prescott Cruise and Lunch

    Done! And here's their FB post I shared to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205389992834071/permalink/2346503598722689?sfns=xmo
  23. Earlier
  24. P51tj

    Happy Birthday German

    Happy Birthday to ya ...Enjoy!
  25. P51tj

    Julies 78' New Engine ***FINAL UPDATE***

    Happy happy joy joy!
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