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  2. mrhusker

    Oro Valley Freddy's weekly car shows

    Awesome, glad they're starting things back up again down your way. Haven't heard much from anyone down there for a while. Hope they have great turnouts for them.
  3. Has anyone ever attended this show? Does one need to be there both days? Is anyone heading up to this one? I may want to try and make the show. Always wanted to do this one.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Chameleon

    Welcome to ACE Iota

    I think you skipped a few generations, what happened to C4, C5, C6 and C7? Congrats on the pending C8. . . What year was your C3? I had a black '76 back in the day that looked very similar. . .
  6. Chameleon

    What do you think-picnic or restaurant in May?

    Once you make a decision, please create a new thread in the "ACE Events" Section so the details don't get lost in this thread.
  7. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Doober

    Welcome to the club.... Good luck with your project.
  8. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Paul313

    Welcome to the club.... Sweet ride for sure.
  9. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Paul Holdeman

    Welcome to the club......
  10. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Ray Helt

    Welcome to the club.....
  11. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE xdonicx

    Welcome to the club....
  12. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE AZPHT4SS

    Welcome to the club....
  13. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Shiloh

    Welcome to the club....
  14. SixAddict

    Welcome to ACE Boomer

    Welcome to the club.....
  15. Chameleon

    6th Annual Williams Historical Route 66 Car, Truck and Bike Show

    Ray, I have sent you a PM, please read and get back to me.
  16. I guess I figured people could check what a 2014 Z51 came with but.. 19x8.5 - 245/35/r19 20x10 - 285/3/r20
  17. Desertdawg

    April ACE Cruise & Lunch

    Damn nice pictures, wish we were there.
  18. Need my 96 Corvette Buffed. Would like a reasonable quote? Bob Combs use to help me before he passed.
  19. Last week
  20. until
    See official event post for details:
  21. mrhusker

    Got More Purple & Ride Stuff

    I think I'm done with purple for a while now so your stock would have tanked, Tim.... Just got reminded that the daughter and grandkids from Tennessee are stopping by tomorrow for a week so the install will have to wait 2 weeks instead of next weekend. I'm soooooooooo bummed. 😫 🤨 Also, Fountain Hills was a bust too. They had an art fair going on. Guess I should have checked before I left. Oh well, fun drive anyway. Thanks for the votes of confidence y'all. I'll post up on how the shock work out. Really looking forward to them.
  22. TheCMSH

    Turn signal stops when engine is warm...

    Did you try sticking LED bulbs in there? Sounds like hyper flash maybe? If you have added LED bulbs you'll need to add a resistor to get your blinkers to work normally Other than that, I have heard on early C6's some instances of the fuse block under the hood expanding/contracting due to heat and messing with connectivity. You might want to check the C6 tech section of corvette forum, the big board as its known
  23. Chameleon

    Tuesday Geezer Lunch at Coco's

    ...premature exposure...
  24. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE tubadude

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter! Sweet hot rod ya got there!
  25. P51tj

    Welcome to ACE Retroexotic

    Howdy and welcome from the Okie Chapter!
  26. Earlier
  27. motogplvr

    Hot Rod Night at Westgate Returns

    I could probably do the 4/28.
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