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  2. For Sale 2 each front 245x40x18 and 2 each 265x35x19 Michelin Pilot Sport AS tires, only 8k miles, great shape and plenty of tread remaining. Asking $300 OBO Call Jeff at 810-441-7637
  3. C6 Coolant T

    If I remember correct 3/8 3/8 and 1/4 J/S
  4. Yesterday
  5. C6 Coolant T

    Thanks Jeff... I need to order one. I would really get steamed if that failed on the road. Any idea of the dimensions? Looks like maybe 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/4 (total guesstimate).
  6. Hoping to attend this event. Need to learn how to remove the "swirls" caused by the dealer "shining it up" for delivery.
  7. Gila Bend BBQ shirts - ORDER BY FEB 28th!

    Ill take 1 Ice Grey XXL - Thanks
  8. Ammo 7.62X39

    Got some extra ammo. Brown Bear, TulAmmo. Looking to sell 1000 rounds of each. For ACE holes only, $200 bucks per 1000. They are fmj, 122 and 123 grain. Local pick up or meet locally.
  9. C6 Coolant T

    Plastic parts sucks!! in any applications........ some water supply lines (OLDER WHITE STYLE) used a plastic barb to attach its tubing to the 3/4” female metal couplings. The hot water caused it to become brittle and snap at the joint. I had a apartment job that flooded a kitchen when a tenant while putting away a cleaning supply bin caused the hot supply line to move. SNAP! hot water blowing out! Try shutting of a hot water valve under your sink while avoiding being burned by hot water. This really happened. Use steel braided lines! They use brass or metal barbs to connect the tubing lines. FYI SLAMMER😎
  10. Gila Bend BBQ shirts - ORDER BY FEB 28th!

    1Men XL Ash please Thanx Jeff
  11. Last week
  12. Well the GS died

    Yup, a quick switch of the luggage and we were off. Vettte sat dead in the driveway.
  13. Well the GS died

    Ed, Could be corrosion on the 8 gauge secondary feed wire to under hood fuse box. Seen it happen many times. What kind of battery are you using. If liquid I recommend switching to an Optima dry cell battery.
  14. Well the GS died

    So, did you go to Laughlin in Kim's car?
  15. Well the GS died

    Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll let you know.
  16. Well the GS died

    I'm going to guess terminal on starter.
  17. C6 Coolant T

    I would hate to see one of us stranded on a road trip because of this...
  18. Well the GS died

  19. Corvettes & Caddies - Feb 2018

    Well, I've now spent a couple of hours looking at your other videos - great stuff! If I get insomnia tonight, I'll know how t keep busy, trying to see the rest of them - see you at the next event.
  20. Mild to Wild Switch

    LOL. FCC and Jay Leno approved. S.C.
  21. Well the GS died

    Tues I was going to head out to the Geezer lunch. Went to start the Vette and it was dead, wouldn’t even turn over. I jumped it and ran to Auto Zone. The battery checked good. I made a couple stops on the way home and it started each time. Sat we were headed to Laughlin. I went out and started it. Moved it into the drive. When we got loaded and ready to go it was deader than a doorknob. Tried jumping and nothing. It made the trip trip out to Joe at Classic Gold this morning.
  22. '57 Block for sale

    1957 283 block bored out to 327 and a 327 forged crank $800 OBO Posting this for a friend that isn't all that great with computers. He has a '57 block for sale as well as a 327 forged crank. From the research I've done it could be for a '57 Vette or just a '57 Chevy. This is a 283 block that at one point was bored out to 327. He did take it down to a machine shop and have it checked out. They said that the block has no cracks and this is when he learned that it was already bored out to 327. The shop he took it to is Outlaw Race Engines here in Phoenix. He also has a 327 forged crank that he took in with it to have it tested. They cleaned it up and verified that it is balanced. I have pictures attached of both as well as the numbers off of each. He is asking $800 OBO for both. If there is anymore info you need or if you need specific pictures of either just let me know and i will make sure i get them posted for you. Also i posted this here because of the possibility of it being a Corvette block. If it needs to get moved to the garage sale section please do so. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking!
  23. Corvettes & Caddies - Feb 2018

    Nice video!
  24. Corvettes & Caddies - Feb 2018

    Nice video, cool time lapse, good pans, awesome content.
  25. Sweetheart Show this Sunday

    I kept going back to take another look at it but the owner asked me to go away since I was drooling so much! 😅
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