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Prayers For Mrs. Grape

Grape Ape

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2 hours ago, Grape Ape said:

Darci had another appointment today, she is doing better and they said the actual cancer spot is shrinking some. It's smaller then it was when we first found it. So keep the prayers coming and the meds are doing their job. Praise the Lord. Hope you all are okay too. Heard there was a nasty storm down your way last night. My bet is it was from global warming. 😏

Mark, that is great to hear!  Please give Darci a hug from me. :)

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Wow, good news is …. well …. so good to hear !

Keep it up  :bananaparty:

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On 9/7/2023 at 4:23 PM, TheCMSH said:

I was just up in The Good Life dealing with some health challenges of the Mother Unit.  I was the one who drug all that heat up there, sorry man.  It was cooler in Phoenix than it was in Nebraska


I thought it was rather warm that week. Don't do that again. Except when it's 20 below. 

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