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The next step for the Vette


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Alright so Larry's is still working on it, they are waiting on the new Cam. I spoke with them about changing it and they agreed with the LS3 head's and how well they flowed, changing it would not be a bad idea.

They spec'd out this cam it should be here in the next day or so, well to Larry's that is.

227 Intake

243 Exhaust


The original one I am still looking for the numbers to compare them and I forget once I get home. NM had it in Photobucket.


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So I got the Vette back and the valve train is nice and quiet no more noise. I have a picture or two of the cam it was in bad shape where that lifter turned but who is surprised by that.

However getting ti back I got to revisit my tire going flat issue and a few new ones.

Discount has put me on another loaner tire and replaced the valve stems yet again... this is really getting old.

The Passenger Valve Cover is leaking... oh well I bought another gasket.

The Clutch Master Line is now leaking at the connector and GM does not sell the o-ring... wonderful.

The TCS seems to be acting up, on the way out of discount I did a u-turn and got sideways having to get into it to correct it. While I do enjoy having fun from time to time this was not one of those times people were coming and the motor has not even passed 100 miles...

More to do... but hey I can install my new Floor Matts, the Door Handle Surrounds from Grape and then fix all this... yayayayayaya....

On a different note, Larry redid the mounting for my coil relocation and it looks REALLY good I like it.

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Alright so last night I checked the Clutch Fluid and besides having some really thick fluid mixed in (no idea on that one) after sucking it dry, cleaning it up and then flushing it with my normal fluid I could not get it to leak. So I am not sure if they put some strange fluid in that was to thick or what but it seems just fine.

I then worked on the valve cover and found I had just replaced that gasket and could find no issues with it. So I decided to clean everything off and re-position it since they are aftermarket valve covers. Maybe they had it in a position where it was allowing a leak. I will look here in a little while.

I got the Lloyds Matt's and new clips in to hold them in place. As well as the Door Handle Surrounds from Mr. Husker. Everything seems to be good I guess they just gave me a scare just to mess with me but everything feels great other than the TCS System which I forgot to check out but I have a feeling I will need new wiring for. (Anyone have some they would sell me?)

Taking it to the NW Cruse In tonight, Chey will be there with Her Camaro.

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Alright been a little while and I have been playing with a few things as well as getting ready for some changes so it's time for an update.

So far the TCS has been a pain, I tested what I found to be the most likely answer (While the motor was out with the steering connected the wheel was turned so the voltage would be incorrect) however that was not it. So I did the GM Testing and it claims the Accelerometer is the issue, after that is the YAW sensor... so I just bought both off eBay after checking the wiring. Hopefully I have it fixed this weekend.

I keep having to wait on the front bumper repaint as I have had other things in front of it, I bought back a car I sold over 5 years ago that has just sat because the owner passed away. Part of restoring it has been maintenance, clean up, and correcting some issues from it sitting and apparently having something dropped on the fender. I also had to remove some of the things that I did that long ago thinking they looked good.... Either way it's been time consuming and I am not done yet. I thought I pretty much had it but not yet.

However back to the bumper, it's supposed to happen after the 6th of December but now I am adding the hood to the list as I am going to try something. I have been looking at aftermarket hoods for awhile and only a few custom one's have been what I liked... so I decided to have Chey get me the Hood Vent from the C7 from her work. I took some measurements and it actually fits well up front following the C5 hood setup. So he is going to put that on. However it creates a small problem for me that now I really have to pay attention to.

I need a different air bridge. Be it a C6 complete setup (For which I will then let go of my Black Wing setup with Icebox) or just a stock Airbridge or aftermarket one that doesn't sit up as high as my K&N one. I am going to create a little clearance on the vent itself but I still think this could be an issue.

I also need to finally stop sitting on my ass and paint these brake calipers black like I keep saying I am going to. I have had the paint for months sitting there.

I have also decided that I just don't like the iForged rims and I am not going to buy Hankook's again. I will try Nitto's but for now Toyo Proxies are my personal choice. I have the iForged rims up on Craigs List, they did finally figure out the issue it was crappy valve stems. But I just do not like the look. I have decided to go back to the style of rim I had on my first C5. I am going to pull the trigger on ordering them today. So if anyone wants a deal on 3 pieced fordged rims with brand new tires for cheap just let me know.

Here are a few pictures, this is the C7 Scoop it was 107.xx with Chey's Employee Discount not horrible but lets see how much I end up spending after the hood is done and painted.


These are the replacement rims, 18's again instead of 19's.


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So I replaced the Lateral Accelerometer and now the Vette doesn't have any codes but the TCC is always warming up.... yay

You've probably had things disconnected long enough that teh 'puter needs to relearn. Go through some driving cycles before you drive into a bridge abutment

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Thankfully we don't have many bridges here for me to drive into.

I am hoping it's not the ECBM issue. It only seems to be effecting the TCS and before I had a code.

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Seems like the ebcm is the probable issue. I have one more test but with both sensors replaced and the issue the same... yeah. I found a write up that claims it can sometimes fix the issue I am going to look for it again, it was a relay replacement. I need to find it again though...

In other news my new rims and TMPS sensors get here tomorrow and I think I have these iForged rims sold.

I also have a stock C6 LS3 intake thanks to a forum member but now I need to figure out if I can use the LS3 C6 MAF as well as see if I can find a better air filter for it. But it does look like it would clear.

We shall see!

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Rims and TMPS Sensors got here, tires... well that's going to take a while but going with Nitto 555r's in the back and 555's in the front. (275/40 R18 and 305/45 R18)

Apparently they sent me some weird logo center caps... not sure I like them.



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