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Events for 2023


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ACE is a volunteer group.  If you like it here, that probably means you don’t like traditional car clubs with dues, and rules, and strict membership requirements, and mandatory meetings, and a Board of Directors deciding what the club will do next...


We don’t have any of that crap here!


However, the downside is that means ACE doesn’t have anyone “in charge” of creating events. 


Cruises and lunches and breakfasts and visits to car museums and movie sets and other cool places happen because a member wanted to do something fun and invited the other members here to come along.


:driving:  :cheers  :eat: :partydance: :driving:  :cheers  :eat: :partydance: :driving:  :cheers  :eat: :partydance:


If you want to do fun stuff with your Corvette and other Corvette people, then you need to step up.


Otherwise, there won’t be any events. . . :(  :(  

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Hi Donna,

I thought a cruise to Show Low for lunch was scheduled in October ‘23? What happened? Did it get canceled? 
Also, is the Thumb on for 10/8?

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Yes, it was cancelled, a couple of months ago.


Yes, The Thumb is still on for 10/8.



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