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How to Create an  :ACE:  Event:


Decide the What/Where/When of your event.  Is it a local lunch, a cruise, a show, something else? 


Own your event.  Set it up so it will be fun even if you are the only one participating – take an approach of “hey, I am doing this fun thing, who wants to join me?” Then GO FOR IT!


Check the ACE Calendar and the ACE Forum Events section to be sure nothing else is scheduled at/near the same time.  Avoid scheduling on/near holidays.  Also, be aware of local activities that may affect your event – (e.g. rodeos, parades, concerts, festivals) that may snarl traffic or make your destination or route difficult.



Think about the details, such as:


Will there be meet points before the event?  If so, where/when?


If it is a cruise, what is the route?  Travel times? Are comfort stops needed?  If so, where/when?

Consider traffic patterns and road construction.  For example, no one wants to drive home from Flagstaff on I-17 on a Sunday summer afternoon.  Ugh.


If it is a show, what are the registration requirements?  Include details or links.


If it is a lunch, does the restaurant require reservations?  If reservations are needed, the restaurants usually want a final head count about 1 week in advance.  Restaurants with good menu variety are best.


If there is any other type of venue or service provider involved, contact them to discuss your event.



Publicizing your event: 


Post up your event by starting a new Topic in the "ACE Events" Section of the forum.  Once you have completed your post, add your event to the ACE forum calendar (See below). 


Scheduling and posting up your event at least 1 month in advance is recommended to support participation.  However, short notice/spontaneous events are awesome and very welcome, just be aware you may get less participation. 


Looking at old threads of past events is a great way to see how event posts are presented and formatted. 


Keep in mind that “less is more.”  Details are important, so people know when/where to show up and what to expect.  However, setting up too much structure (such as pre-determining a menu or booking hotel rooms) takes a lot of work and will ALWAYS result in grumbling from someone(s).


Remember the purpose – which is to have fun and invite others to join you. Often you will get questions or comments for why you did (or didn’t) do something a certain way.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but do not let opinions dissuade you from doing your own thing your own way, and inviting the rest of us to join you.


As always, anyone wanting to set up an event who has questions not answered here, you can PM me via this Forum. 






When you create a new ACE Event, don't forget to also create a Calendar Event here:



Calendar Events get published to additional ACE pages and social outlets for maximum member readability.


[Create Event]

Enter the start & end Date & Time and select whether it's a single, all-day event, or a single event between the hours of, or a recurring event (this event repeats).

Select the Community Calendar.

Enter a Title - E.g. Cruise to Prescott Oct. 15 @ 9am

Enter a Description - This is a great place to paste the link to your original ACE Event topic thread where most of the logistics, event info, RSVP, etc. information will be more up to date.

Upload a Cover Photo - A picture of the location, event flyer, or custom image.

Enter a Location - This will attempt to auto-fill the exact address in order to embed a map of the location.

Album & RSVP are optional - Typically albums are not reserved for events and RSVP's are usually tracked within the original Event topic.

[Submit Event]


If you have any issues, or need additional help, reach out to one of the Staff or Admins.

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