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Mystery Cruise - 4/24/04


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The "Mystery Cruise" turned out to be one of the best cruises I have been on in a while. We had perfect weather, great roads, spectacular scenery, a nice place to eat lunch and a wonderful crowd of Vettes and their owners.

At start we had 10 cars, I was just hoping to see about 5. The route took us from Arizona Mills east on US60 to Globe. We stopped for a rest there and found out that Phillip's daughter didn't take too well to the twisty roads through Superior, Miami and Globe. They had to make a quick stop so she could get some fresh air. From Globe, Phillip and his daughter went back home to clean and detail the Vette instead. Just as well, all of our cars are now plastered with bug guts, so he missed out on having to clean that up.

From Globe we cruised the Salt River Canyon, making a stop at the bottom to see that there is actually water in the Salt River. After that it was the drive back out of the canyon and into the pines and into Show Low and Pinetop. We stopped for lunch at a nice 50's dinner called Johnny Angel's. The owner let us all park up front and moved other cars to give us room. We all had a good lunch, and some had dessert, before we cruised back out of town.

Next stop was for gas outside of Show Low, and then the high speed run to Payson. Nice scenery along the way, if you had time to get your eyes off the road. We met up again in Payson for a breather / bath room stop and then cruised the Bee Line highway back into town.

All in all a fantastic event, couldn't ask for any better. No problems, no accidents, no tickets. Just plenty of bug guts to clean up.

See you all at the next cruise on May 8th to Keith and Kelly's place for lunch in the Verde Valley area.

Look for pictures in the photo gallery at www.arizonavette.net/photos .

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man i'm jealous - i can't wait to participate in a cruise with you guys - hopefully i can get mine back together in secret and surprise you and just show up one day!

nah, that 'll never happen, i'll need all the help i can get for my removal and reinstall in the silver "bullet" :rolleyes:

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