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What are you doing, right this instant?


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Marana Rich

Eddie, how does that cruise internet work? I'm going on one in October and still need to work via internet.

Hope your having a great cruise.....btw, whats the drink special today?

Answering Marco!

You pay by the hour for internet access. $$$

You can use your own laptop, or they have a puter room where you can use theirs!

Never mind, I answered my own question.
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Enjoying my first hour of being retired again. . .   

Si mi amigo. So many thong bikinis, & I only have 2 eyes  

Wow! You're tough! A test first thing Monday morning. How are kids expected to take a test after partying all weekend?

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Phill's Vette

I just installed a new Accell ignition module in the hopes that this is my high rpm miss problem. Next, before it gets to be 157 degrees outside.... I might work on my pillar post weather mouldings or I might go back to bed. I can't wait for winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ACE:

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old yeller

Thinkin 'bout Oil :banghead

After reading the other thread on oil, I bought 6 different brands of oil and just thought I would mix them together and pour them in the engine and see what happens. :P
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