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Hey Bryan,

How easy is it to make photo gallery page things like recent events or just pics of our cars. That would be a cool thing to have....

Something like the AZ GTO site... There are a lot of post with pics here but maybe a dedicated page so you don't have to look up all the posts to find a picture that someone may have seen, etc....





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This forum is part of a larger Web site. :yesnod

Oh. I get it now. I don't think we've ever even been to any page but the forum home page. That 'splains it. Not many pics in the general member's rides gallery, though.

Who's red C3 with the big block hood and turbine wheels?


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That would be chad.. .I think he sold it.

He did sell it.

Bummer, it sure looked nice in the pics. And that's a cool color, too.


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Yeah ANMRACING, duh..... :P

Jeez, where do you get some of these peeps from???? :P


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