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Sway Bar Special! See inside!

Guest AZ Power & Sound

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Guest AZ Power & Sound

Well with all the wants to handle better I thought I would toss up some specials! I will also post specials tomorrow or tuesday on OE Z06 sway bars. shocks and leafs for those who want Z06 handling in their coupe or convertable!

BMR Sway bars for ALL C5/C6 (come in red or black powdercoat)

Front - $209

Rear - $189

Both - $389!!

If you're in the market for increased cornering capabilities with decreased body roll, BMR sway bars are the answer. These bars are cold formed to resist torsional fatigue allowing them to retain their "memory" far longer than conventional hot formed bars. Sized 32mm front(solid) and 19mm rear(solid), they control body roll up to 50% more effectively than the popular Z51 bar. Packaged complete with adjustable Heim endlink kits, you can't go wrong with this combination. Available standard in your color choice of red or black powdercoat, additional colors also available by special order.


Installation special as well - $120 for BOTH installed!!!

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