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Welcome to "BIGRK"


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Welcome to Rick :howdy

Hope to see you out at one of our events in the coming future.

Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Do not be shy and join in on the discussions.

How long have you owned this 1980? Have any pics?


Phil... :devil

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Guest XLR8TNC5

Welcome to ACE. Hey, try something different than the rest of the najority of noobs. Post and say Hello and even try telling us a little about yourself. And...If you are feeling really venturesome, come out to one of our cruises and meet the group! You won't regret it. I promise!



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Hi Phil i have owned 1980 L82 Vette for 4 months but ot has been in storage last 3 months,got a great deal on it.It does need sonme interior work nothing bad just want it nice,i do need some parts for visor mount is broke,but it is a nice car.Here is a pic of car and me.I also ride a Fat Boy.Rick


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Very nice looking car.

Hope to see it out and about some day. Read through a few of the posts to see where you can get parts locally.


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