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Sad at the Superbowl


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A young couple was at the super bowl this past sunday, sitting next to them was an old man and an empty seat. The old man looked sad, so the young woman asked him what was wrong, his reply came after a few seconds of silence, "This is the first Superbowl in over 20 years that my wife hasn't attended with me, you see she just passed away and I miss her I even still have her ticket in my pocket." The young woman was taken back and remorseful, she asked the old man, "havn't you got any children? Or friends that could have come with you?" The old man replied, we have 6 children and lots of friends, it's just that ...............................

They are all at the funeral right now.

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That was funny!!!

Hey Ted,

I'm glad you were able to keep those crowds under control!


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