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Essay + $79.00 = 1996 LT1 Corvette


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If anyone is interested I found this on the web. It seem's that you can win a 96 Corvette if you wright a good enough Essay as to why you would like to have it and pay the $79.00 fee. Pretty unique way to sell the car I think I would have to give them an "A" for creativity and an A+ for getting $29,625.00 for the Corvette if they hit the 375 entrants they are looking for. Here is the link Essay + $79.00 = Corvette

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I'm half finished mine........how about you? :cfdeadagain

Hell John,

I thinking about selling mine this way... :banannadance:

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Come to think of it.............I've got the '92 vert I'm selling in spring. Maybe I could make some real coin and we'll have some beers! :drinkers:drinkers

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I hate to always be the wet blanket on things.

What if you don't hit your number for entrants? Do you have to refund all of the entrants that did send them in?

Secondly, what are the laws governing this? I seem to remember here in AZ someone tried this with a house and it comes under a raffle which takes special permits and rules. I'd at least call the Attorney General's Consumer Section for guidance before I did it.

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Eddie, buy a clothes dryer. :lol:lol:lol But you're probably right. Here, if you did that you need a special permit from the gov't of SK showing it is a fundraiser for charity and my charity doesn't count.

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What's an essay?????? :P


From the Urban Dictionary

1. essay

useless work used to torture billions of kids in this world

Jimmy had to do his long essay instead of playing outside with his friends.

2. essay

How a moron spells ese.

An essay is something you write for school, not a Mexican.

3. essay

a mexican dude

Hey essay, who you tryin to get crazy with? don't you know i'm loco!!!

4. essay

a waste of time that MLA and APA supporters believe is not colossal enough in its time-wasting ability. used by professors whose sole dream it is to stop students from slacking off for the weekend. goes well with coffee.

I can't believe Mr. Smith just gave us that huge fucking essay! He's out of his mind.

5. essay

1. A composition that is usually a few pages long.

2. Something that evil English teachers assign too many of.

I have to write another English essay today.

6. Essay

A mexican term that means Brother, Homie, Friend.

South park: Cartman: Did you write the essays?

Mexican: Si, I wrote my essay back in mexico.

Mexican2: And I wrote 2 essays, one wrote back "Hey thanks for writing, essay"

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