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"Lucky to have my legs", John Force says....


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What a scary crash! His car broke in half!

Youtube of it: HERE

Prognosis for Force is "very good":

Drag-racing standout John Force was able to stand and shuffle his feet Monday and said he is "lucky to have my legs" a day after a wreck at the O'Reilly NHRA Fall Nationals at Texas Motorplex in Ennis sent him to the hospital with season-ending injuries.

Force, 58, has a compound fracture of his left ankle, a lacerated right knee, a dislocated left wrist and abrasions on two fingers on his right hand. He had screws inserted into his ankle and temporary pins placed in his wrist, said David Densmore, a spokesman for John Force Racing.

Force's prognosis, after six hours of surgery Sunday, is "very good," Densmore said.

Force, a 14-time champion, was able to stand with his weight on his right leg and move both his feet, though doing so was painful.

"I gnawed off some fingers and toes when they had me trying to stand," he said.

Force collided with Funny Car rival Kenny Bernstein, 63.

Force absolved Bernstein of any fault in the crash and said, "In fact, he did a great driving job."


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Damn :eek:eek

I was jumping between football games and waiting for NHRA to start!

I saw maybe two runs then a commercial break and never got back! :beerbang:

I'd take Eric Medlin's colors and never use them again!!

There is some BAD MOJO there!!

This may be the end of John's career as a driver!!

Thanks for the heads up Dean!!


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I saw that when I was watching NHRA and couldn't believe that his car broke in half. They didn't even realize at first that he was up the track in the rear of the car until the bodies of both cars blew off and then you could see that it was just the front end sliding down the track. Hard to believe that he has fairly minimal injuries after that. Robert :burnout

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