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NCM - Build Sheets And Window Stickers


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For anyone interested in acquiring a build sheet or window sticker for your Corvette, the following information comes from the National Corvette Museum web site: Build Sheet


Build Sheets: $30.00 (Members)......$40.00 (Non-Members)

Window Stickers: $25.00 (Members)......$30.00 (Non-Members)

As a member of the National Corvette Museum, you will save on your Corvette documentation as well as discounts on Corvette Store purchases.

Purchase a copy of the build sheet for any Corvette assembled in Bowling Green since the GM Plant opened in 1981. If you are ordering a reproduction window sticker, you must order the build sheet at the same time.

Order a build sheet, window sticker, dealer brochure, and Black Book and get a $5.00 discount.

Notice, they're missing the following build sheets for 1982 - VIN numbers 109001 thru 117800, 118201 thru 118400, 119201 thru 119800.

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