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...on The Tow Truck


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forgot to mention column:

After lunch with Angel last Sunday, we were driving around SDL when I lost alternator, P/S, A/C, and temp shot up to 285º before I could get off the road - thanks to rude traffic and a long light.

As you can probably guess the serpentine belt was not where it was supposed to be...it was still there all right. just hangin' around and not doing anything. I noticed something peculiar and that a bolt had come off the AIR pump rear bracket, when it became obvious. AIR pump lower bracket was in a couple of 3 pieces - no way I was going to get the belt back on to limp home. So - on the phone for a tow truck and 2 hours later I get it home. It's Sunday of course, and no one will have that bracket so I just make plans to take Monday off (not a hard choice there) get to 40th St auto for a new bracket and I'm back in action. Fortunatly the roomie was off too and she offered her wheels to get parts. Turns out the alternator case had also broken at the thru- bolt and they fixed me up with a alternator also, used of course.

All seems to be ok now til' I decide to go to emissions...AAAAARRRRRGHHHHH! (in the words of Charlie Brown) :banghead :banghead :banghead But that's another topic.


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It's all about passin the half-century mark .. everything goes to ..well.

Life is over as you know it.

-Frank -evil grin-

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Thanks Shifter', I keep that in mind for future reference!

got it all back together OK, but nnow I got emission prob's. The jet trainer is going into Classic Gold tomorrow to get tweaked.

now I wonder what kind of rental junk I'll get stuck with for a few days...


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