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welcome Jefro


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Hi Jeffrey :howdy

Year of Corvette 1988

Color White

Welcome to ACE!!! Be sure to post a picture of your Corvette.

And check out the events section for our next get together.

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Speedratchet invited me along for the Glia Bend Cruise we had never taken part in any Vette events before. I have to say my wife Mengie was very reluctant to come along, but as it turned out she had a great time. She was on the phone to everyone Saturday night telling them about it. It was a real treat to meet you all and see some of the amazing things some owners have done with their Vetts. I Can't Waite until the next event. Thanks again for the warm welcome

Jeff & Mengie

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Were happy you enjoyed the GB cruise, hope to see you at some other events soon!

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