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Is "recycling" wooden pallets a good income opportunity?


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back when i was in the retail side of grocery, we had people behind our stores recycling pallets for us :huh

but my question is, where do they take them? and do they really get $5 a piece for them?

seems to me that for the little amount of time it takes to gather them up it is a decent supplemental income -

providing you don't get caught!

so - where are they taking them? :leaving

i ask beucase there is a guy in my complex that has 15-20 in the back of his truck almost every night!

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When I was doing roofing, people would come get certain size pallets for 25 cents or more, roof tile pallets will net about $15 now, guys would go to job sites and steal them...I think certain measures have been taken to prevent some of that.

There are pallet recycle yards around, one at 67th av and Van Buren I think...I know there are more.

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There are several yards down around 24th st and Broadway.

We had several less then perfect folks that would come by weekly and collect. The way we saw it was that they needed it more then we did.

From what I understood they got around 5 for each "full" pallet and 1 for each pallet that needed repair.

We would save cans and give them the chance to turn those in also.

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