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audiovox ppc6700 cell phone PDA

Guest 1FASTC4

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Guest 1FASTC4

Hey all, I am going to sell this phone on another site but thought I'd post it here first to see if someone wants a bargain.

You can look up the details on a simple internet search, it has a windows based OS and syncs right to your PC at home. It has software that will allow you to get your Emails automatically while on the road. It also has a 512 meg memory card and car charger. , I have all the software and original packaging. I just don't use the features much. I paid over $500.00 for it(maybe around $600.00, can't remember), not counting mem card$69.00, and car charger, $25.00.

It's like new really, not a scratch on it... everything works without flaw and it has the new ROM update.

I'll let it go to the first $300.00, I guess.

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