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2015-2019 Corvette Z06 C7r Jake Hood Decal


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2015-2019 Corvette Z06 C7r Jake Hood Decal
this is an OEM GM part. Not a Ebay item! They sell for over $300 only asking $100. I also have the Jake center caps that sell for A2F75B73-3C7F-4C7D-8341-05AF53F05586.thumb.png.4d1806d770317be4a9aae43a43a57050.png21FBEAC6-508A-46DF-909D-BEC690AAB844.thumb.png.dd770df26032189456509cbf7d2af8a7.png $160 only asking $100 for those set a four, also OEM item from GM not an reproduction item

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