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Guest Speedworld Raceway Park

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Guest Speedworld Raceway Park


January 13 Street Legal Drag Racing Series Results

Even though the temperature was lower than we’ve seen since 1978, our dedicated racers and spectators made the wise decision to abstain from illegal street racing and bring it to the track! The evening’s Special Features and Competitions included raffle tickets to all racers and spectators, Double Grand Prize Entries for racers, and prize money for “Quickest Motorcycle”, “Best Reaction Time”, and “Quickest on the Property”. The evening started out a little slow but progressively picked up the car count by about 9:30 PM. Our concessions staff worked at a feverish pace to keep up with the hot chocolate demands and the starting line crew bundled up like Eskimos. Most of our racers enjoyed as many runs as they desired, and the spectators huddled around the flaming fire pits. Despite posting a cash award for “Quickest on the Property” no one came forward to claim it!? (Maybe they were too cold to take their hands out of their pockets and look at their ET slips!?) The bounty for “Quickest Motorcycle” also went unclaimed, but then again, riding a street bike on Grand Avenue when it’s below freezing doesn’t sound that fun to me either! All in all, weather aside, everyone seemed to be having a great time! By the end of the evening, the thermometer read something around 29 degrees but it didn’t phase the reaction times of Matt Crockett who claimed the $200 cash award with an average reaction time of less than .080!! A tip of the hat and sincere thanks to all of racers and spectators that braved the cold to make it out to the track, this series is for you & we couldn’t do it without you! We’ve recently placed an order for warmer weather, and as long as it’s not on “backorder”, our next event on February 3rd promises to be another great one! Raise your hand if you still believe in Global Warming!

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