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New low cost C6 parts


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Didn't know where to post this, but here it is.


RockAuto  buys out slow and/or low inventory of dealerships, auto parts stores, and wholesalers at real low prices and then occasionally packages them by make and model.

Today's package is for C6 Corvettes.  Usually, they run the dirt cheap special just long enough to sell off enough items to quickly recover expenses and then put the remainder back to their regular pricing.

Since not everyone is aware, especially those who have never bought anything from them, I thought I'd mention it on the forum. So if you need something you've been putting off or know you'll need in the future, now is the time to grab it.


       Per their notice they say:

Go to rockauto.com

  1. Click the RSS icon RSS next to your vehicle's engine size
  2. Click the HTML HTML icon next to "Love a Bargain?"
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I haven’t bought from them in years but damn that’s good to know… thanks Tom. 

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Used Rock Auto for most everything mechanical or suspension on my C5 and Ef Juan Fiddy's.  Always quick and great pricing.  I don't recall I ever had to wait more than 4-5 days for anything, and usually quicker than that.  The have local distribution center, so ships fast to anywhere in metro Phoenix

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