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Free - Radar Detector & Mount


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Posting this for another ACE member. 


Don't know anything about this, please look up by information from pic below if you have questions.


I believe the mount is not brand specific.  You can take one item or both, they don't have to go as a set. 


I can deliver to any ACE event we both attend.  Please post up here if interested. 



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Hello!  Any chance you still have the Mirror Mount and it is for a C6?  I've been looking to try one out and I'd be willing to come pick it up where ever!



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I still have it.  The person who gave it to me to post up says it came out of a C6.


I will be at the Vettes & Guns event this Saturday (Nov 5th) in Goodyear.


If that doesn't work, shoot me a pm and we'll figure something out!



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2 hours ago, Fletch said:

I did not have notifications on so I did not see that you replied.


I'm going to shoot you a message.


Thank you




Reply PM sent! :thumbs

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