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Upholstery and Seat Markings


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I've started the replacement of the interior with upholstery for the seats.  I've only completed this task on my Mustangs (1970 and 1973).  I grabbed some numbers from the old stuff.

This shows what I think is a place to code the date for the upholstery.  I'm guessing 1975 is the year the fabric was produced.  I have no idea what the TEX is for but the numbers around it could be for marking the month.  This appears all over the fabric.




This image show and FR in a triangle.  No idea what that refers to (Front Right?)






This one image shows the FR with a date stamp of  May 27 1976






Here is a metal seat tag.  There is one on the seat bottom and one on the seat back.  They have a part number it appears and then LS1 (perhaps the trim level?)  "M 1476" (May 14, 1976?)





I'll be posting up some videos (youtube, facebook and my blog) on the process.




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