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Widened OEM ZR1 A-MOLD wheels — Front


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$400.  Professionally widened 1 1/2” (11” wide) front wheels for ZR1, fits other 88+ cars also.  It does have some small nicks so not perfect, but no bends or rash, and they balance great.   Quality wheels… little bit of C4 ZR1 A-Mold trivia which I’ve learned about when looking for real OEM wheels, earlier wheels (these) were lighter weight Japanese made good quality alloy and more intricate hub sections, then later replacements were US made but heavier under contract with AFS and these were available in chrome and seem to often have corrosion from many I’ve seen but probably not so much for Arizona cars, and the replicas from late 1990’s are probably all China.  Grand Sport wheels I’m not so sure about as I’ve never bought any real OEM sets, but I suspect they are USA made with non-ZR1 offset in rear.  The original rear 11x17x36 wide ZR1 offsets can be used on all 4 corners of the 1984-1987 C4 cars, later cars have the hubs further outboard and need the GS offset in the rear and either GS or ZR1 front.  I do have pictures mounted on ZR1 if you’d like to see… some 275/40ZR17 tires fit (such as Falken RT660 which run a little wide, I like these tires personally) and up to 315/35ZR17 (Nitto and Micky Thompson have some good quality tires this size, but no super 200TW tires in this size)


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