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2006 Katech Z06

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Idle Hands...

= new toy!


I don't know the full story, but I was told this was Katech's demonstration car for all the cool stuff they offered just 14 short years ago. The build sheet is 7 pages of car porn.


now if we can just get a track to open up. oh well, plenty of time on my hands to go through it all and have it ready for some tire-melting goodness.

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Very nice!  :thumbs


. . . but. . .?  :toetap


. . .are you planning to share any of that Car Pron with the rest of this cooped up group?      :lurk

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Just the right amount of race car. We need more photos and info.

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Engine /Exhaust/Cooling:

-Katech Street Attack LS7

-Katech Mahle forged pistons, 2618 material

-DLC Coated piston rings

-Rebushed small ends of connecting rod with solid bronze bushing

-Clevite rod bearings

-Federal Mogul main bearings

-Katech 501 camshaft (235/251@.05,.657/.660”, 113LSA)

-C5-R timing chain

-Katech HCS/HCP oil pump

-Katech piston squirters

-GM Racing high speed lifters

-PSI single beehive springs

-Katech valve spring retainers

-WCCH ported cylinder heads with bronze guides

-Katech Ti/Mo intake exhaust valves

-160 degree thermostat

-FAST LSXR 102mm intake manifold, show prepped and painted Red

-FAST 65 lb/hr injectors

-Katech black billet fuel rails an AN lines

-Nick Williams 102 mm throttle body (1st gen)

-Katech Carbon Fiber valve covers

-Katech coil relocation kit

-MSD Spark plug wires, black, spark plug boot insulator

-Katech billet belt tensioner,(red)

-MGW short throw Shifter

ARE Stage 3 dry sump system (Pan, tank, catch can, and scaven pump


-Catch can added to vent engine, petcock valves in engine bay and under car for drainage

-ARE Spintric air/oil separator

-ATI damper(10% UD)

-Halltech CF112 carbon fiber air intake system

-Hallitech SuperBeehive schroud with mounts for Moton Canisters

-Kooks 1 7/8” headers, jet hot ceramic coated

-Brace added around transmission

-Koolmat tunnel heat shield, plus Gold foil in the tunnel

-Kooks X-Pipe

-Corsa Black Diamond exhaust system

-Ron Davis Raditor with intergrated oil cooler,-18ANcoil cooler lines

-Safecraft 10 Lb. fire suppression system



-Exedy GTO4XD twin disk clutch

-Katech remote clutch bleeder

-2008 axel shafts



-Brembo GT Monoblock

-6 Piston Front Calipers

-380mm 2- piece front rotors

-4 Piston rear calipers

-345 mm 2 piece rear rotors

-Hawk DTC 70 front pads (HB 582U.660)

-Hawk DTC 60 rear pads (HB 193 G.670)

-Braided brake lines

-Stealth Titanium brake Caliper mounting bolts

-Spindle Ducts and brake cooler hose with 4” yellowtail fans

-Fog Light Replacement ducts with Cooler hose with 4” Yellowtail fans going to brakes

-ATE brake Fluid


Suspension/ Steering:

-Moton Clubsport double-adjustable, remote canister coil-overs

-Pfadt spirical bushings on all corners

-Eibach 700lb springs

-Bump steer kit with heim joints

-Pfadt completion sway bars (front and rear)

-Front Aligned;

            -Camber (-2 ½ to -3 degrees)

            - Caster (6 to 7 degrees)

            - Toe Out  Factory ( 1/16 ea wheel   1/8 total)

-Rear Aligned;

             -Camber (-1 degree)

             - Caster ( factory)

             - Toe in ( 1/32 ea wheel   1/16 total)

Wheels/ Tires:

-CCW 10 spoke black 18”

·         A7's 315 R30 18” Front

·         A7's 345 R30 18” Rear

·         Michelin 30/65/18 Front

·         Michelin 31/71/18  Rear

-ARP Wheel Studs

  M12x1.5.  3"

-Open Lugs


-MOMO removable steering wheel

-MGW short throw shifter with racing knob

-Fuel Pressure gauge installed on drivers side

-Engine cutoff switch installed on drivers side

-Drivers side window and interior safety nets

-Drive and passenger race seats with wings by COBRA

-6 point harness in both seats by Schroth

-24 Qt. Cool shirt cooler

-Caravaggio parking brake knob and boot, black perforated leather, Red

-Caravaggio center console lid, black leather , red stitching

- Painted Black center console

-Painted black cluster pads

-Alcantara a-pillars


-Full Rollcage by FST in Phoenix/ Removable side door bars

-AC products World Challenge louvered hood in on-off exposed Carbon Fiber

-Bottom of hood painted Victory Red

-AP Racing carbon fiber version II front splitter with under-tray and brake ducts

-AP Racing front fascia reinforcement

-AP Racing Carbon Fiber side skirts

-Pratt-Miller Corvette GT2 wing that was actually used in ALMS and crashed( repaired and purchased for charity from P&M)

-AC products World Challenge wing mounting brackets

-Katech carbon fiber deck lid (race carbon) with Lexan rear window

-Lexan windshield with removable center brace

-Lexan full power side windows

-Halltech Super Bee CF112 carbon fiber 112mm NACA duct



Optima Battery

-Pfadt front and rear tow hooks

-Stealth Titanium starter bolts

-Stealth Titanium alternator bolts


Weight Reduction;

-AC Deleted

-HVAC deleted

-Rear carpet deleted

-Wipers deleted

-Washer deleted

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Driven by a little old lady to church on sundays ?????


AC delete. :chris 



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4 hours ago, 94transamgt said:

Wow, that is a heck of a car. Are you planning on racing it?

yes, a buddy of mine and I are going to flog that poor little thing. local tracks, local group: ProAutoSports.com


check 'em out. good group of folks to hang out with, too.

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