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LT5 blower swap on a C7 stingray

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wrapping up this build here and wanted to post the episode showing most of it.

we located this 2015 C7 z51 for a customer who we did a 1500 HP build for a long time ago and he wanted to do a different build to go along with that car he still has.

Here is the meat and potato's of the build

2015 Z51 manual

forged motor

ported heads

cpr spec cam

kooks 2'' headers

LT5 supercharger ported

Holley dominator setup to control the port and bypass (rick crawford setup)

Fore innovations fuel system

Monster clutch

meth kit

flex fuel ability

112 TB

Our 5'' Cold air intake https://cordesperformanceracing.com/...ld-air-intake/

Our heat exchanger https://cordesperformanceracing.com/...eat-exchanger/

Our EMP intercooler pump kit

Our trunk tank https://cordesperformanceracing.com/...ngray-z06-zr1/

Our Fabricated Y fittings that have -16 in and -10 out https://cordesperformanceracing.com/...-16-x-dual-10/

We will post final numbers next week as we are playing around with the pulley combo some to get the right belt as this needed head adapter plates so it's been fun. but so far we are right under 1100 rwhp without icing it down and not full timing yet. This is a setup we do on the ZR1 as well (minus our heat exchanger & emp pump kit)








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