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CPR updated C7 heat exchanger and new DOD delete valley cover


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We are constantly trying to evolve the products we offer to fit the needs of this ever growing industry so to keep up with it we have made a change to our popular C7Z06 heat exchanger and HX that works with air to water setups. And we are proud to announce our new billet DOD delete valley cover that is modular. What that means is lets say you are a C7 base and do a cam, than later on swap on a lt4 supercharger, all you do is change around the fittings we provide and the same valley cover works. Or your a stock blower car that does a procharger and a cam and wants to plug the valley cover PCV port you can do that too. This valley cover works on trucks, camaro's, vettes, etc. So the benefit for a shop is they only have to stock one cover and they can use it on whatever Gen V cam job that comes in. 

The change to our heat exchanger is in our new billet end tank's that have changeable fittings. You can use either our OEM quick connect fitting or swap them out for any size AN up to -16 should you want to run larger lines to support big power via a larger PD blower or a centri blower Air to water system without having to do any welding. We use the absolute highest quality cores I can get my hands on and these are made entirely in house! 




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