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Just finished updating our web site .... Adding a complete restoration of a 66 Mustang K-Code


Go to the "PHOTOS" page and click on the Pix to start the picture show ....

The 66 Mustang K-Code was a complete nut & bolt restoration, with a specially built engine by our own High Velocity Engines. All matching numbers car ... and though it looked pretty good to begin with, lots of bad stuff was found on the bottom side ....

The 65 Corvette was also a full restoration that was completed last year. While making what was to be minor repairs after purchase, the client decided since we were "there" we should fix this as well ... which continued until the car was completely apart. Included a totally rebuilt 327cu in 365hp engine, trans & rear end. This too was a numbers matching car.

Both cars had final body fit and paint done by our friends at Classic Gold .... and both turned out quite nice,

Progressing projects include a nearly complete 08 Factory Five GTM & and 1966 Grand Prix. Will be posting pix of these projects in the near future, so stay tuned.

Though y'll mite enjoy seeing these ............

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