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Happy Birthday to Bryan Seery!


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and at 6:40 a.m. , I feel 34.

I am taking Tracy's car in for service. The belt tensioner started squeeling on the way out to Gila Bend on Saturday. Might have had something to do with those streams she was driving through on Dead Cow Road.

The car has had this problem once before, and now it's at 35,500 on a 36K warranty, I better get it fixed NOW.

See ya all later.

Thanks for the posts.

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Happy Birthday Bryan!!!

We kind of left you all alone on the way back from Gila Bend :burnout:

Sorry about that :(

Damn to be 34 again!! I could re-live the Bears Superbowl season :lol: :lol:

Have a good one!!


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3,503 lbs of trouble

Sucked that it rained all that time and has been sunny for the last 2 days.

I was thinking the same thing. At least I got some top off driving time in on Sunday while transporting the Vette to her new home, San Tan Storage.

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Guest NOS_Z06

Happy B-day!! I might not envy your car (actually I do - a primo C3 would be a nice family addition)... but I sure do envy your youth. ;)

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