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Cool Memorial Day moment!


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This is a pretty cool Memorial Day moment I was just reminded of


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I don't know why but I can't edit the above to show as a linkl Cut and paste it into your browser. Sorry!

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Something must have happened to the host. :toetap

It is a short clip of the April 1976 incident in which two terds run onto the field at Dodger Stadium and lay a U.S. flag out on the outfield grass and proceed to try igniting it with lighter fluid. Rick Monday runs over and grabs the flag while the dugouts empty. Shows security leading the perps off the field and then they interview Monday. One of the questions they asked him was how it felt to be known more for this incident than anything he did during his career. He hesitated and replied that he did see that as a bad thing.

Just thought it was appropriate for Memorial Day! :)

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