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Well here I sit, and I thought since it was Dec, 13th at 9:52 PM. I would see what everyone was up to.

But to my dismay I hit reply and suddenly it was tomorrow the 14th at 4:52AM.

Now how in the hell could a "real" Administrator allow something like this to happen????

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It's hell when you're the first one to pass out huh? A little 7 hr nap and the party was over? :smilelol: :smilelol:

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My clock shows the correct time. I think the user needs to update his settings in the control area.

A real moderator would know how to do this and would have it correct by now.

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Ok, so now that I set my user options to something other the Helsinki. the forum clock looks a little better. :thumbs:

I just thought that after all the work to post that nice screen shot I would leave it up for awhile.

Ok the harassment can now commence. :wub:

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How can I trust the ACE mods with my ?'s.  :(

Questions???? Me???? :huh:

Look, the way I see it, if you define Moderator

"Mod"= to be very cool.

"er"= oop's.

"ator"= to eat a lot of stuff with "or's" in it.

So you get a person that rocks with a few mistakes, but he is worth keeping around because if you ever get a good crop of or's, he will bail you out, or something like that...

Now let's define Administrator.

"Ad"= to add (i.e. reply).

"min"= very little.

"is"= substance.

"trator"= Opposite of a :troll:

So you get a person that adds very little substance, without actually being a :troll:

So you tell me, who would you rather have answer you questions? A cool dude with a full belly?

or the other guy???----> the un--:troll:

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