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Holiday specials! SEE INSIDE!

Guest AZ Power & Sound

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Guest AZ Power & Sound

Well guys, time to finish up december strong, so were going to toss out a few specials ranging from parts to maintenence!

TNT Nitrous Kit Special!!

TNT F1 dual nozzle kit adjustable from 75 horsepower to 250 horsepower :ack

Kit includes the following:

-TNT CNC Billet aluminum nitrous throttle body ring for LS1/LS2/LS6 or throttle body spacer plate for LT1 / L98 cars

-TNT dual nozzle setup with special solenoids setup for our fuel (other companies require rebuilding every 6 months)

-choice of 3 jetting settings (ie 75, 100, 150)

-10 lb TNT nitrous bottle with built in pressure gauge

-Safety blow down tube

-all install hardware and brackets

-custom mounting bracket for C4s, C5s and C6s

-WOT switch for C4

Retail - $799

december special - $659 !!!

for C5 and C6 add $129 for electric WOT switch for drive by wire

*Add $99 for MSD Digital window switch

*Add $139 for TNT Remote Purge system

*Add $149 for TNT bottle warmer

*Add $49 for custom switch panel for ash tray

*Add $249 for remote bottle opener

Labor prices vary depending on level of install requested!

General Maintenence package

Engine running a little warm? car misfiring or running rough? power seem to be gone up top? The coolant / stat change will drop running temperatures at least 20 degrees! My car runs a 190 thermostat and generally operates at 187-189 degrees! Spark plugs will help higher powerband power especially if you have over 30K on your stockers! Fuel filters get clogged easily with our terrible gas in AZ!!

Includes the following:

-choice of 160 / 180 / 195 thermostat, distilled water and Redline water wetter

-new GM OE fuel filter

-NGK TR-55 spark plugs (or TR-6 for nitrous or forced induction)

retail on this setup is as follows:

spark plug change and spark plugs - $119

Coolant flush, thermostat and water wetter - $199

GM fuel filter and labor - $79

Total - $397

December special - $279!!!

*Add spark plug wires if yours are dry rotted or high mileage! many kinds available

Magnaflow Cat Back exhaust systems for C5 and C6

C6 stock manifold back system with Xpipe, mufflers and tips - Part number 15884

Retail - $1549

December Special - $999 !!!

C6 Muffler back system (bolts up to stock mid pipe or header back mid pipe) - Part number 15886

Retail - $1349

December Special - $829!!!

C5 full system

Retail $1549

December Special - $ 929!!!

C5 Muffler back

Retail - $1269

December special - $ 739!!!

C5 LS1 Cam swaps

LS6 cam and valvespring upgrade for 97-04 LS1 Corvettes - quick 20-40 horsepower with no tuning required!

$899 installed while supplies last!!!

I will be updating this daily as I go through our inventory!

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Not one dang C3 special, (like I could afford to buy anything)....

At least offer a complimentary blinker fluid refill to the C3 guys... :willy

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Guest AZ Power & Sound
Not one dang C3 special, (like I could afford to buy anything)....

At least offer a complimentary blinker fluid refill to the C3 guys... :willy

All it takes is a request :) Most of these companies make C3 stuff as well, just need part numbers!

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Let me recuperate from xmas, I'll let you know if I come up with something I can't do myself... :thumbs

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