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Black & white update...Eddie


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Hey Eddie,

How 'bout an update on your unit? That black and white back in your garage yet?

Maybe you have just posted something and I missed it...

There's still plenty of good cruzin' weather yet to come.



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Talked to the body shop Wed and they are saying Dec 7th now. The guy coordinating mine says they had more trouble getting the tolerances correct than they thought. His comment is alot of shops would just slop it together and most people wouldn't know or care. They work on getting all the seams to fit right and measure every inch of the thing to be sure it's right. They were just starting to paint the inside of things Wed and Thurs. Then they'll paint the outside.

I'm getting more and more anxious to get it back but then I think that USAA is renting it from me for $35 a day (over $1000 a month) and I don't feel quite so bad :D

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I'm very glad to hear that - KEEP THAT THOUGHT!

Sounds like they know what they're doing and giving themselves enough rope to hang themselves if they don't. My money is on getting it right...it does take a lot of time, especially when the car isn't on the assembly line. Closing up one seam might move 2 or 3 others...what the hell am I talkin' about - you already know that.

In the hands of true professionals, a little patience goes a long way and USAA is definitely all about that. By the way - what's the name of the shop??? I got some fade on my rear bumper by the tank door...don't worry I'll wait until U get yours back so they don't take away time spent on your baby!

Hang in there. Hows the new job going????


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Don't you hate the catch 22?

You want it back now, but you really don't want to rush them.... :banghead

When mine was in the shop, it was pure frustration ...

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