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Test and Tune at Speedworld - 11/25/05


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Speedworld is open the day after Thanksgiving for a "Test and Tune" day. Basically it's a day of open track to do what you want.

If I don't have to work I plan on bringing the Vega and will be running all day long.

If anyone else is interested in running that day let me know. If anyone is interested in helping me with the Vega, let me know. If you come up to help I will pay your way in as part of being a "crew member".

I will also be going out on the 27th, December 18th, and December 31st is another test and tune day as well.

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I won't be out on Friday.

Last week the people at Speedworld said that Friday will be extemely busy and that if I wanted to make a lot of runs I should come on Sunday.

Also, just got the exhaust done and tried to start the car and now it is having starter problems. :banghead:banghead

It did this at Firebird before, the starter has a bad spot and it just won't do anything. I am going to spend Friday trying to get it to work. If I can't get it to work I will have to remove the passenger side header and remove the starter. Not very easy on a car that the headers go around the frame rail and under the starter. :bang x 1000

If I have to replace the starter it will be at least 2 weeks before I can go. 1 week to get the starter and another to have time to put it in the car. :cuss

And before I can get to the Vega I have to climb under the Vette and find out what the huge puddle is from. Pretty sure it's power steering fluid. So I need to fix that first and I won't be doing that on Thanksgiving. I want to relax and enjoy today, not get dirty and pissed off.

Next shot will be December 18th.

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