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Ever seen a right hand drive C4?


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I have seen some right drive C3's and C4's on the forum. From what I understand they have to convert a "normal" Vette since GM did not make right drivers.

However, the car in the picture is a Chrysler, but I don't know the exact model. .

I drove a right drive Suzuki while down in Trinidad once and it wasn't too bad. The shifting with the left was the funky part of it, as I normally drive with my left. I don't remember the pedals being switched though. Maybe I just was too busy trying to steer with the right and keep the truck on the road that I didn't give a thought to the pedals.

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3,503 lbs of trouble

Roger's Corvette Center has an export British C5 for sale, but it is left hand drive.


And the 300 MPH speedometer is pretty cool too!


I use to drive a few Japanese GM right hand cars out at the proving grounds. A "Toyota" Cavalier, and a Saturn. The Saturn was a manual, so everyone hated it except me. I mastered the left hand shift. The shift pattern and petal positions were the same as an American car. The turn signal and windshield wiper control levers were switched to the opposite sides of the column though, so for the first few hours of every shift I'd turn on the windshield wipers when I intended to signal to make a turn until my brain got used to the position of the controls. Then driving home in my T-bird I'd be use to the Japanese control positions, so I'd hit the wrong controls AGAIN every time I wanted to turn. :crazy:

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Like Bryan said, there is a couple of C3's on the CF that are in Australia and have been converted to right hand drive.

They say it's lots of work, because everything on the firewall inside and out has to be switched. but when it's done, it looks factory.

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