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Power antenna S.N.A.F.U. !


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As some of you know , a couple of weeks ago on the way to the dyno day my antenna was wtfpwnd (destroyed) by the car wash.

I got online this week and ordered up my replacement mast, only $29.99. After shipping and handling it was close to $50 (I made sure it got here by today).

I go outside this morning when i get home from work, 30 seconds whats left of the old one is out and the new one is ready to go in....... almost..... what the hell, its quite a bit larger in diameter then the other one... hmmmmmmm wonder if mid america sent the wrong one. Go inside , do some research, come to the conclusion that its the wrong one... Order the "right" one off of ebay (Another $23.00).

After ordering the "right" antenna I head down to Autozone to get a couple of items for some oil changes I need to do this weekend, wandering around and looking in the store i run across the "universal" power antenna setup. For some reason i grab it and take a closer look at the top of the mast / the antenna and retainer nut, "Hmmmmmm looks oddly familiar".

Quickly I leave the store and go home , crawl under the car and sure enough, el cheapo generic (autozone brand) power antenna setup. Back to autozone i go to fork out the $39.99 for the whole setup so i can rob the antenna out of it.

30 seconds its installed................. Rest of the day i get to feel stupid for spending damn near $120 bucks for fixing a %$*# antenna.

And the worst part is, Now im eyeballing the web for a GM part so i can get rid of that cheap POS thats in there now. But hey at least ill have 2 spare masts once i get it installed. :ack:banghead

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Guest azmusclecar

Wow..if I were you.......... I would hang out close to that car wash just looking for another person losing an antenna........you may have found a marketplace for your gift.

One can never have too many antennas...................................................or can they? :rolleyes

Maybe doing a remake of "My Favorite Martian" TV shows for your friends could help pass the time with those extras. Sorry I can't come over for your show............, I am busy,............ very busy.......................extremely busy.....but thanks anyway. ;)

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I say keep at least one spare. If you don't the next time you go to the car wash it will be trashed again. If you keep the spare it'll never happen again. Cheap insurance! :lol:lol

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