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It is truly a fine thing, to be a part of the 'vette community!

So, first an big THANX to Bryan first for putting together a great and worthwhile, and fun event for a noble cause on Saturday. AND for making the trip over to Eddie's on Sunday morning, picking up my wheels and trnsporting them to Ed's. Also, to Tracy, for letting Bryan use the Matrix to do said delivery and for your very large effort in the event too.. you two are righteous!

Next - THANX to Eddie for offering his garage and tools to make things go really smooth.

Another big THANK YOU to Mark (again, nice t finally meet you - I still want some details on those F-16 hops!) and Tanya for also hitting the road early to bring the two tires with rims to the scene - for a second time (Tanya brought them to the dyno day, but some pilot didn't have his dispatch in order).

To Andrew and Melissa, for stopping by and Andrew's assistance in helping me do it right.

And finally, MANY, MANY THANX to Ken for making me a great deal on something I really wanted but would have been totally out of my budget...next time the beers are on me Ken.

...only a pilot can handle the pressure of scrutiny from 5 supervisors :smilelol

and to everyone who offered their assistance online - you made the reseach count and we pulled it off! :thumbs

Now, if I hadn't spent so much time polishing them up - I could have gotten pictures to post before the sun went down...

oh well... stay tuned folks I'll have some up tomorrow - that should keep you coming back!



***another note of THANX to Andrew and Melissa, who went out of their way - AFTER WORK - and pulled the DR's off, mounted and balanced them, re-torqued the front spacers and wheels, then helped me bring the tires home! I counld only get one of them in my rear.

You folks make living humble an artform...

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Glad to hear it went well and you are very happy with your new wheels.

I will check back for the pics.

:agree With you on the event yesterday. :cool

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Guest XLR8TNC5

Anytime Michael. Sorry we bolted so fast, I got a MONSTER headache and next thing I knew I was down for the count. I had a ton of stuff to do yesterday and I totally felt like crap. I apologize to everyone for bolting off and not really saying Goodbye.

Im glad you like the wheels. I think they are fantastic. And Im sure they are looking VERY sweet on your beautiful car.

It was nice to say Hi to everyone.

Take care,


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