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Welcome to Pcassano


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Welcome to Paul :howdy

You list having a White 88 Corvette. How about posting some pictures and sharing more about your Vette.

We are having an event tomorrow if your are interested. Just check the events calendar.

Phil... :devil

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Guest azmusclecar

Hey does this mean I am no longer the NEW GUY? So I don't have to wear this tiara anymore? :thumbs Welcome PCASSANO...............this is my 2nd day with this group and it hasn't been closed down or anyone arrested.............. :eek

just yet. Did you read the rules?

Don't loan anyone any money except: AZmusclecar ;)

Don't trust anyone except: Azmusclecar ;)

I will send you more of my, i mean OUR rules...........in a PM, that means PRIVATE MAIL. :thumbs

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