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Welcome to Sunshine


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Welcome to 6X's Clark :howdy

Hope that you can tell us more about you and your MY Convertible Vette.

We have a cruise tommorw if you do not have any plans. Make sure and check the events calendar to see what is coming up. With a Vert you must be enjoying your ride this time of the year.

Phil... :devil

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Ha... I finally beat Melissa to welcoming a newbie...... :P

From one newbie to another, welcome aboard....



----------------------- Finish line!!!!

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Guest azmusclecar

Welcome.. :howdy ...did you pay the membership fees? :toetap Don't worry about it, I got it covered :thumbs but you owe me big time.. ;) .............you can pay me back by .........well let me get back to you on that...........Welcome :howdy

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