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Them wheels Ken,


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Hey Ken,

Best I can find out, I will need adapters for 17" wheels. I don't have a problem with that.

I'm wondering how long the tires will last, being the commuter I am. I reallly like the wheels! How 'bout the lug nuts and caps? It would also give me the chance to strip my factory wheels and polish them up along with a fresh clear coat.

Anyway, I'd like to stop by and we can see if they look OK, which I'm sure they will...if so, I'll give ya $'s and drive away with 'em. You got a shop & jack?

I'll have to have a friend with a truck help me out - gettin' some wheels home also. But I'll have to polish those things up before they go on my car! Ha Ha!

Anyway, I'll be in touch as soon as I can track down some adapters, though I may have to order them for Mid AM or such.

They're some bad Azzz shoes...BTW, good looking dyno run!


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Damn Michael!

I didn't know Tanya had the rears w/ DR's in her truck at the Dyno event!!!!!!!!

A Flitz ball and battery drill will bring them back to life!!

What kind of adapter?? Bolt pattern diameter? Is the adapter going to mess up the offset?? Have any of the people at CF done this and have pics??

I just don't want you to be unhappy with this purchase!!


PS I've got your dyno runs, do you want me to post them??

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Double damn....thought you knew.

Sorry I had to boogie on out early cuz I missed the hors'deaurves too! Anyway, at least my girlfriends team won, though as usual they tried to lose it a few times...(Stanford) I had to do some serious bargaining to get over to the shop, so I figured I'd better at least get her to the game on time and squeeze in a nice lunch for her as well...it's a long story, but suffice to say I been away enough to warrant some "quality time or else"

Not sure what the adapter does, so anyone with a few pointers or info - JUMP RIGHT IN HERE!

I do know it will cost me a couple C notes for them from Mid AM.

Appreciate the help - to all...the 'vette community is definitely all about one another.

we'll get together soon Ken - I'm flying tomorrow and Wed, but we should have some leads by then.

Michael :bang

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PS DYNO RUNS...if you mean the pics, Hell yes. I was hopin to see them

The data is already up...and yes I was smilin' as we strolled down I-10 to Tuscon at a liesurely purrr of 95 MPH.

I do regret not thinking to look at the speedo while he was running her thru the dyno - damn!

MH :burnout

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those wheels shouldn't need any adapters the bolt patterns seem to be the same for c4 and c5 vettes, however - i know that the C4 wheels have 2 different offsets, and unless you know which offset those wheels have, i don't believe there is any way to tell, unless you actually measure the offset yourself - and count me out for this, that crap confuses the hell out of me!

they made an offset for the 84-87 and tyhen a different offset for 88-96

the 84-87 has a +36.5mm offset on the 17x11 wheels

the 88-96 has a +50mm offset on thee 17x11 wheels

(this information was obtained from AFSWHEELS.com as i know they make a GS replica wheel and i have been using them for data on those wheels for the last couple years)


they are nice - they WILL fit, heck, i'm sure ken wouldn't mind letting you try them on for fitment before purchasing - to verify if they stick out or rub underneath.

the tires on the other hand - Drag Radials are not really meant for daily driving - especially if you want to get a lot of life out of them - they are extra soft/sticky, and don't wear well for day to day driving - i can recommend a sumitomo 315/35-17 tire, they will fit nicely on there and they are relatively inexpensive - i had a set on my mustang with the 10.5x17" wheels

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Thanks for the info!!

I know the GS offset is different from the ZR-1!!

13.5 mm is ~9/16", that adapter is 3/4" thick??

I know the GS offset of my rims on my '96 without the GS 'flare' wasn't too bad. Maybe 1/4" outside the fender lip at most!! Definitely not Ricerish!!

I guess before Mike buys adapters and crap, we need to find a place to see if they will work!

#1 where??

#2 coaxing Mark to bring the rears to this place! Can you say FREE BEER!!

#3 getting the wheels and tires I have here, there!!

BTW Chris, the DR's are mounted on the rear wheels, but the package includes a pair of 315/35/17 Goodyear GSC's with <3000 miles too!!

Four wheels, Six tires and don't ask what I paid for them :ack

Mike, I know I have more than enough chrome lugnut caps, but I will have to search for the centercaps!! Thanks for the reminder!! I put your dyno clips on the other thread!!


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i didn't realize it had another set of tires - you don't have to explain anything to me on the what you paid - i got out cheap on my mustang wheels AFS 17x9 fronts and 17x10.5 rears and i paid just over $600 plus ship on an ebay auction - NO TIRES or mounting or balancing included!

so - again i say - JUST BUY THEM!!!!!!

maybe you can sell the DRs to Joe as his car is creeping up on 300HP and he might need them to hook up - not to mention his wheels will accomodate those DRs nicely


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OK that means I need the offset for the 87...mhmm, got that one right...

Now we just need a where and when...

I thought the tires WERE just the DR's! COOL!!!

I'm likin' the way this is coming together...

I'll be in touch! :bang

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