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Are your f 'ing kidding me ?


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Take a look at this e-mail that was sent to "webmaster@ArizonaVette.net". I get these all the time, "We will link to you if you will link to us". But this one takes the cake.




My name is Andrew Bernhardt and I am the Brand Affiliation Specialist

at AutoAnything.com. AutoAnything.com is a leading online retailer of

automotive accessories. We are an extremely high trafficked website

and are ranked number 14,000 in Alexa. I visited your site today, and I

think the content would be of interest to our web site visitors.

Please find a link to your site at: http://www.autoanything.com/links/automoti...sports_car.aspx

----- Edit ---- note, they didn't even put us in the Corvette links with the other Corvette clubs. Check that one out for a long list of clubs that just blindly post links to any ol' site --------------

Kindly link back to our site and email me with a link to where I can

find my site's link.

I would appreciate if you placed a link back to my site as described


AutoAnything.com - Corvette Accessories

Shop online for custom Corvette accessories and performance parts. http://www.autoanything.com/sg/car-accesso...ette/index.aspx

Unfortunately I cannot maintain the link to a site that does not link

back to AutoAnything.com. I would appreciate it if you would set up the

link to us in the next week.

I think you have a fantastic site, and would love to have you as a

strategic link partner. I look forward to your confirmation and please

let me know if you need anything else.

Best regards,

Andrew Bernhardt


9210 Sky Park, Suite 100

San Diego, CA 92123

Tel: 858.569.8111

Fax: 858.569.8503


So, here is my response.


I put the link on our page at http://arizonavette.net/links.htm

Just a note -- if you want to be taken seriously by Corvette owners, you may want to research what actually will go on a Corvette. The fact that the very first accessory you list for a Corvette is a Ramsey or Warn winch pretty much tells the Corvette owners that you are just throwing the Corvette name in front of a generic page of parts. Unless you can tell me how (and why) to mount a 16,500 lb winch to a Corvette, I think you need to work on your accessory listings a bit. Any Corvette owner who looks at that page will immediately be put off and won't take your site seriously.

In fact, there are more things on that page that will not fit than those that will. Sunroof deflectors ?? Vettes NEVER have had sunroofs. Bike racks for the top of the car ??? Cargo hitches ??? A billet grill --- do you know that Corvettes do not have grills ?

In fact, as I am typing this, I have changed my mind. Please remove our link as I can not seriously post your link on our page. I will look like a tool and an idiot for linking to someone who says they know Corvettes and then wants to sell my fellow Corvette enthusiasts things like roof racks for their shovels and axes and spare tire racks for the back of their cars.

You guys really need to research your products better.


Please remember to support the vendors on our links page. Tell them you found their info at Arizona Vette.net . It's either that or we can go to Pep Boys and have to order our winches and cargo ramps from them.

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I looked all over his site, and can't find "penis enlargement" pills... :banghead How the hell did he think he would sell anything else to a bunch of corvette drivers...

Sorry Tanya, this post wasn't meant for you...At least I hope you don't need penis enlargement pills... :D

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