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Invitation to attend ADEQ meeting on 10/11

3,503 lbs of trouble

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3,503 lbs of trouble

I know most of you have late model Vettes, and the folks with the classics may not be able to, or even want to attend this, but Nancy Wrona, the Director of the Air Quality Division at ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality), has sent out an open invitation to attend a meeting on Tuesday, October 11th at 2:30 PM regarding the potential exemption of collectible automobiles, like vintage Corvettes, from future emission testing. To read the official memorandum, download the .pdf file by CLICKING HERE. To see the current draft of the request intended for the EPA asking them to incorporate the changes House Bill 2357, which was passed by our legislature and was signed by Governor Napolitano, allows regarding the exemption of collectible vehicles into Arizona's federal air quality State Implementation Plan, go to:


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ah fudge !!!

I have to fly to Midland-Odessa Texas at about that time.

Damn damn damn damn damn.

Dan, are you going ?

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3,503 lbs of trouble
Dan, are you going ?

If I'm here, probably, but I may be driving a Mercedes to CA for my old employer next week, so I may be out of town. That would mean no Tortilla Flats on Monday either.frown5.gif

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I'm seriously considering going.

Does any of this make sense to anyone though (from the above pdf):

The potential emissions increases from exempting motorcycles in Area B and collectible vehicles

in both areas A and B, from the Arizona IM programs, in and of themselves, may be considered

insignificant because the impact would be less than a third of a metric ton per day (mtpd) of CO

and only a few hundredths mtpd of HC (see Table 2.5). The basis for considering these

emissions reductions insignificant is that SIP revisions submitted to and either approved or

proposed for approval by EPA include control measures that reduce emissions as little as 0.1%,27

which would be about 0.9 mtpd of CO or 0.3 mtpd of HC in Area A (see Table 2.4). As such,

test and repair of those vehicles would not be necessary to satisfy the requirements of the SIP.

The same cannot be said for motorcycles in Area A and vehicles 25 model years and older in

both areas. Test and repair of motorcycles in Area A provides a 1.29 mtpd benefit, which is

significant. Further, test and repair of motorcycles was modeled as part of the baseline emissions

control programs in CO and ozone SIPs for Maricopa County. 28 As such, it is necessary to satify

the requirements of the SIP. The CO emissions benefits from test and repair of 25 model year

old and older class is over 11.7 mtpd in Area A and 3.4 mtpd Area B, which is significant.

Because the approved SIPs and maintenance plans includes these vehicles, continuing to require

them to comply with the IM programs is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the SIPs and

maintenance plans for both areas. As a result of this finding, ADEQ is prohibited by law from

requesting from EPA approval for an exemption for any of these classes of vehicles in either


It seems to contradict itself there, unless I'm not reading it right....

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3,503 lbs of trouble

More public meetings in both Phoenix & Tucson:

From: "Shirley Blahak" <shirley@xxxxx.xxx>

To: Undisclosed-Recipient@,

Subject: Emissions

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 11:38:08 -0700

Just received from John Horton.

There will be two more public meetings on the emissions exemption law.

One in Phoenix on November 28 at the ADEQ 1110 W. Washington at 1:30. Public comment will be taken. E-mail comments are welcome. You should e-mail domsky.ira@azdeq.gov and friedl.bruce@azdeq.gov with your support of emissions exemption. An important point is " When this exemption is granted there will be no difference in my collector car driving habits"

A second meeting will be held in Tucson on November 30 room 444 2:00 PM at the State office building 400 W. Congress. Any Tucson people SHOULD attend if you can and voice support.

If anyone knows Tucson people forward this them.


British Motor Enthusiasts Communications

... and don't call me Shirley!"

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