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Open Course at PIR


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The only thing I'm brave enough to do with my 82 is autoX, it's hard to hurt it when all you get to hit is orange cones... I try to go a couple of times a year.

Me and Bryan had talked about the Dec. 3rd/4th event at PIR with the local SCCA club. We will post more details later...

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Crap! If I was still living down there I would love to do that again. Man was that fun!!! Almost wreck my car when I spun out on one of the corners and was facing on coming cars. It really does take the energy out of you, I was beat when it was all over. But man, what a rush!!!

I would say everyone needs to do that at least once. :burnout

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I would love to do that too... I would use the Eclipse because it is set up for that kind of racing. Someday when Melissa is rich, I'll be able to do that.....


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