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Welcome to GCROUSE


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Welcome to George :howdy

Hope you get a chance to come out and meet the group at one our events in the near future. Here is a link to the calendar.


Do not be afraid to join in the discussions on the forum. You can start by telling us more about you and your Corvette. Maybe even a few pictures also. Do you race your Corvette? 383 Supercharged...Tell us more.

Also go and vote for you corvette color

Corvette Color

Phil... :devil

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Guest XLR8TNC5

Welcome George! I have always talked about putting a 383 Stroker in my car, so maybe you can elaborate more on your 383 with the supercharger. Just for my sake anyway! :D

Take care and hope to see you on a run soon.


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Hey George, long time no see!!

Hope you still have the Vette and that it's still all in one piece and not a project car again.

Come out and see us at the Pavilions some time or on one of our cruises.

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Welcome aboard from one newbie to another.

How long can I get away with being a newbie around here???

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Welcome - Another b---k Vette?????

well at last "sight" - his was a black SUPERCHARGED vette!

welcome "back" george - you need to get out with us and run

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