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Firebird in Sept.


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Ok, now that I have this all planned,

I think the date has changed. it is now the 17th...

Here is the schedule for Firebird in Sept.

10 Friday Night

11 Team Firebird (6pm)

17 Friday Night

24 Friday Night

25 SCO Night

I am already planning on going on the 17th with an 84 CFI owner, I want to see what my ported mainfold has done for my times.

Anyone else intrested?????

Left port = ported / Right port = stock.

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Did you do the porting yourself?

Any SOTP difference?

Good Luck! :thumbs:


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I didn't do the porting, and CF member in Pennsylvania sent it to me in exchange for my stock manifold. plus shipping.

What I noticed is that stock the CFI sort of went flat about 5000 rpm, and wouldn't shift until about 5800 rpm. Now it seems to pull all the way until it shifts just below 6000 rpm.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for at least 1/2 a second faster than my best of 15.141 at 88mph. Some of the other CFI owners said it should be close.

There should be another CFI (84) owner there on the 17th, from Chandler, He has done more work on his than me, his best so far is 14.56 at 92.7...

Just to brag a little, there is an 84 CFI owner that lives in Australia, he has run 12.81 at 106.7 mph in the 1/4. naturally aspirated.

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